Delta Airlines?

I am doing a research paper about Delta airlines and I was just curious what do you think about the company. Whats the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear somebody talking about Delta?I don't need any specific info. I just need your opinion


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    I went on Delta Airlines across the Atlantic Ocean. I was really pleased with the service and how comfortable I was. The food was really good, also. I would definitely fly with them again especially since they made my first overnight flight so comfortable.

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    Delta's first flight was June 9th to Jackson, Missippi in the year 1929! That proves they have a darned great reputation. Delta has the best safety record of ANY major U.S. airline.

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    Delta Airlines! time giant of the industry; one time a truly world-class airline.......since the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978, they have been systematically picked and gnawed at by the new upstart "airlines" like AirTran....JetBlue...Southwest etc. These "upstarts", taking advantage of non-union work forces, sub-industry standard wages, free entry into previously profitable domestic and International air routes, have steadily eroded the foundations and profitability of the older, one-time well-established airlines, by cutting ticket prices to points of minimum profitablity...such that, burdened with higher costs from bygone eras, these older carriers were unable to compete. You are aware I hope, that Delta is trying to recover from it's bankruptcy and is still considering a merger, possibly with United Airlines..another victim of deregulation......Delta is STILL not out of the woods....with the oil prices what they are, I wouldn't be surprised if another airline or two doesn't go out of business....there is no describing to you, in this small space, the difference between the Delta of today and the Delta of 25 years ago......proponents of Deregulation point with pride at low ticket prices, free markets, the ability of some guy sitting next to you, wearing only a stained undershirt and needing a bath being able to afford a ticket so he could fly from point A to point B.....they ignore the deaths of Braniff..Eastern...TWA..PanAm..Frontier...etc.... and the ruination of so many families unable to relocate in the airline would be best if you could buttonhole some Delta employee who was with them years ago to get a true picture of their status in the industry now.

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    Delta pilots used to think they were Gods, the best of the best (my son is a Delta pilot) but with all their problems they ended up taking a wage cut and ended up in the lower wage scale which took the wind out of their sails. SouthWest pilots make more than Delta pilots now.

    Their ego has been hurt bad but I think they will recover.

    Source(s): Retired ATP
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    The "other" acronym:






    They're a good, reliable airline relying on older equipment (MD-80's and older 767's) to hold down costs (mortgage payments/leases are cheaper). Their interiors are dated as well.

    However, their maintenance is first-rate, as are the pilots. Cabin staff, to me, is middle-of-the-road.

    Customer service, as with all American airlines, sucks. They have too many pricing tiers for the tickets, and, if you're a member of their frequent-flyer program, it's probably on par with Northwest's as being difficult and sometimes miserable to deal with.

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    Favors boeing aircraft. Merging with United possibly. Hope not though. But if you doin a paper good thing to talk about would be if it happend because it would pretty much monopolize the airline industry. Atlanta

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    The collective IQ of the pilots was raised exponentially when they bought Western Airlines.

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    Delta used to consistently make a profit, and does

    have a good safety record.

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    From an aircraft fleet point of view, All Boeing and McDonnel Douglas fleet.

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