How much money do I need (USD) to spend a week or two in Europe?

If I wanted to fly into Europe (say London) and I want to travel to a several countries while there. Say Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, and maybe even Sweden. How much money in USD would I need for travel, lodgings, food, admission fees to events i.e. art exhibits, and last but not least a plane ticket home. I'm not looking for extravagant restaurants or hotels for the most part. Although I would like to stay in one nice hotel and eat at one nice restaurant. If you have any suggestions on a few nice places in the countries I mentioned or a bordering one let me know as well.

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    As a rule of thumb you need 50 EUR per day and person if you do it super-cheap. Super-cheap like sleep in hostels and buy your own food in supermarkets. The UK is more expensive, there you would need 50 GBP. Same for Sweden, it is about 25 % more expensive than the rest of Europe.

    If you stay in hotels you easily spend 70 EUR per night on a cheap inner-city hotel. Eating out will set you back 20 EUR for dinner and around 6 EUR for breakfast in a cafe. Admission fees are typically in the 10 EUR range. 150 EUR per day and person would be a good budget with this style of travel in Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Austria.

    Return tickets across the Atlantic start from 550 USD (Boston-London off-season), but for most of the US the price is in the 800 USD range and 1000 USD from LA/SF/Las Vegas.

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    5K for 2 weeks at the schedule you're planning, thanks to the dollar having lost so much in value. Right now, I'd skip London, because the exchange rate of the Pound to the Dollar is even worse than the Euro/Dollar. The prices in the UK are roughly equivalent to the prices in NYC, but you pay in pounds. Basically a hamburger that costs 4 bucks in NYC will cost 4 pounds (8 bucks) in London.

    There are so many nice places to visit so that 2 weeks really isn't enough time. Pick two, max 3 countries and check museum openings in advance. AAA has some pretty good guidebooks that you might want to take a look at.

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    A lot...especially now when the value of the $ keeps dropping. The places you listed have a lot to offer but are very expensive so I say $4000-5000 ( the tickets are around $1200)

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