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Vaccines, the studies, medical studies, do you believe me now?

First off, please do not answer unless you have read at least one of the links.

I am giving you several links to studies that show whether or not and why vaccines would be dangerous.

Thank you.

^ Autism has been linked to kids being vaccinated (ie the vaccines cause Autism)

CBS news, very reputable source.

Interview with former vaccine researcher.

An interview with Curtis Cost on his book about vaccines.

BBC - an interview on how dangerous vaccines for pets might be.




The incidence of Sudden Infant Death syndrome SIDS has grown from .55 per 1000 live births in 1953 to 12.8 per 1000 in 1992 in Olmstead County, Minnesota. The peak incidence for SIDS is age 2 to 4 months the exact time most vaccines are being given to children. 85 % of cases of SIDS occur in the first 6 months of infancy. The increase in SIDS as a percentage of total infant deaths has risen from 2.5 per 1000 in 1953 to 17.9 per 1000 in 1992. This rise in SIDS deaths has occurred during a period when nearly every childhood disease was declining due to improved sanitation and medical progress except SIDS. These deaths from SIDS did increase during a period when the number of vaccines given a child was steadily rising to 36 per child.

Update 2:

xxRavenxx - very true...

Update 3:

From the Flu Vaccine Website I linked earlier -

The flu vaccine is NOT effective in any age group at preventing the flu.

It is never safe to inject decaying matter mixed with poisons into the human body. See the adverse effects section.

Deaths from flu and pneumonia declined by about 90 percent of the year 1900 rates before the widespread use of flu vaccine. This demonstrates with certainly that the major preventive of flu deaths (and flu incidence) is sanitation and nutrition.

again that link was

Update 4:

I try to go for the LEAST risk, to me, not getting vaccinated is less of a risk than getting vaccinated, if you disagree that is fine with me, I am not trying to pursuade you, only to show you some things that I found important, I have read the pro-vaccine websites also.

To each his own, and whoever is right, is right, I don't know.

I just go with what seems to be the most rational thing, which I'm sure is what you all are doing, just thought I would share the info for your consideration.


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    Thousands of doctors and scientists know vaccines damage many tens of thousands of children and adults each year.

    Many doctors don't vaccinate their kids or themselves the way they reccomend you to do. Wonder why?

    Look what these doctors have to say, they don't work for the CDC or the vaccine producers.

    "I think it's absolutely criminal to give mercury to an infant." - Boyd Haley, Ph.D., Chemistry Department Chair, University of Kentucky

    "The committee accepts that under certain conditions, infections and heavy metals, including thimerosal [mercury preservative in vaccines], can injure the nervous system." - Dr. Marie McCormick, Chairperson and co-author of the 2004 Institute of Medicine Report often cited by journalists that mercury in vaccines is somehow "safe".

    Dr. James R. Shannon, former director of the National institute of health declared, "the only safe vaccine is one that is never used."

    David Ayoub MD - Thimerosal Definite Cause Of Autism

    But mercury is only one of the yummy ingredients that your getting in those wonderful vaccines, heres a few.

    In addition to the viral and bacterial RNA or DNA that is part of the vaccines, vaccine fillers and ingredients include:

    aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate,ammonium sulfate

    amphotericin B animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney,

    chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg calf (bovine) serum

    betapropiolactone fetal bovine serum formaldehyde

    formalin gelatin glycerol human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue) hydrolized gelatin

    monosodium glutamate (MSG) neomycin neomycin sulfate

    phenol red indicator phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)

    potassium diphosphate potassium monophosphate

    polymyxin B polysorbate 20 polysorbate 80

    porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein

    residual MRC5 proteins sorbitol sucrose

    thimerosal (mercury) ri(n)butylphosphate VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells, washed sheep red blood cells

    What a bunch of dummies you have posting here-poisoning their children and themselves and to steeped in the mantra of "vaccine good" to be able to even comprehend the concept that they have been duped.

    The propaganda ministers at the pharmaceutical company owned CDC must be very proud.

    Are all vaccines bad-I don't know.

    Are all vaccines good-definitely not.

    Skip the shots, they are useless poison.

    You may wake a couple people up with your question though. check these links out.

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    I used to work kids who have Autism. I have to say that I agree with Magichanzz. Children who have Autism show signs of it well before the shots are given, by not talking or playing the same way other children do. Sometimes parents just don't know or they are in denial.

    The truth is that Autism existed before the vaccine was ever given.

    There are plenty of articles supposing and making lots of assumptions. There is no hard evidence.

    People don't want to believe that their genes could have caused this problem. Its like that with other diseases too. When parents find out that they are a carrier for something and that is why their child is sick, they end up having a lot of guilt. Then some new age wackadoo whispers in their ear telling them its the vaccines fault, not theirs- of course you would want to believe.

    The fact is that autism is usually diagnosed around the same time the shot is given that makes people think that there might be a correlation.

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    there is an organization that I can't remember the name of that is medical professionals who are against giving young kids shots.

    do a search under hep B, as the group was working hard to stop those. it was linked to a serious problem and all the polo cases (this is from the CDC) has linked those to polo vaccine.....

    i had to have the Hep B series about 8 times to take, i'm part of the 20% that do not make antibodies to hep b. I wonder how many kids would be required the same number if they were tested for the anti-bodies as iwas working in the OR

    I have had all the other vaccinations, to include rabies and 5 for anthrax

    the only ill effect I can recall was the intense itching of the small pox in 03. i'm also not a kid with a good working immune system.

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    CBS news, very reputable source.

    First off. None of these sorces are very reputable. News programs are all very one sided. They show only one side to the story, as do all of the links you posted that I went to. If you want to impress me find a site that lists both the positive and the negative effects of vacines. If you were getting information for a school report or for a work report about this topic getting sorces that showed both sides of the story would be mandatory! As it is the only way to truly understand a topic.

    Secondly, I was orriganaly planning to copy and paste ALL of the errors i found while reading some of these links but they were FAR to numourus. So I will link what I thought was some of the worse in the first one I read.

    "In 1892 there were 165,774 cases of smallpox with 29,979 deaths despite the vaccination program." from

    Japans population at the time was over 49,000,000. This site does not show out of the people who died wich ones were vacinated and which ones were not! Tell me that is not biased information. These autors show you what they want you to see and leave out what they do not.

    All of these sites show nothing but poorly constructed correlations! Wich is nothing to base an oppinion off of. Anyone in the medical feild could tear these arguments apart.

    "Much of the success attributed to vaccination programs may actually have been due to improvement in public health related to water quality and sanitation, less crowded living conditions, better nutrition, and higher standards of living ...

    In England the incidence of polio had decreased by 82 % before the polio vaccine was introduced in 1956. "

    This is a terrible correlation. First off, Disseases will always have points in time when they decrease and points in time when they increase. Secondly, When the public started becoming aware that clenliness could prevent illness, of course the incidence of polio went down. So did the common cold. Duh? At the time doctors had to be convinced that it was a good idea to wash their hands between delivering babies! If it was true though that the vaccine had nothing to do with the declind of polio it would never have been whiped out completly.

    "Do Vaccines Actually Prevent Disease?

    This important question does not appear to have ever been adequately studied."


    Have you ever taken a biology class? We know exactly how the immune system works. It doesnt take a genious to put two and two together.

    Anyhoo. I could keep going all day. I am not really for or against this subject. I understand both sides of it though. I was almost killed as an infant by my vacines. I understand the dangers. But the question is do the benifits outweight them? I personaly believe yes.

    My point is that you need to do better reasearch. Find less biased articles.

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    All medical procedures, no matter how small, have risks.

    Let me give you a few examples from personal experience.

    I needed two disks fused in my neck. the doctor told me my pain would be relieved. He also told me I had a 2% risk of paralysis and a 1% risk of death.

    I had a cardiac catheterization. The doctor told me there was a 2% chance I would suffer a heart attack during the procedure.

    I had both procedures and I'm fine.

    Routine smallpox vaccinations were stopped many years ago, because it was thought that smallpox had been eradicated in the wild. Now if you, personally contract smallox, there is probably a 20% probability that you will die. If an epidemic, or terrorist attack, with perhaps millions of victims, the probability rises enormously, since the medical system won't be able to handle it.

    The government has given you the choice, only you can make the decision. As for the troops, well, the possibility that they wil die from a bullet is far greater than the .000001% chance that they will die from the vaccination.

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    Celebrities and non-scientific people make New Age claims that aren't backed by TRUE SCIENTIFIC research. To date both the CDC and FDA state that vaccines are still the best way to go. Just because Jenny McCarthy thinks her "mommy instincts" trump science doesn't make it true. Simply saying you feel something doesn't make it so. You need to back it up with true scientific research and to this day there hasn't been ANY.

    Vaccine-PREVENTABLE Diseases:


    Cervical Cancer


    Hepatitis A

    Hepatitis B

    Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib)

    Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

    Influenza (Flu)

    Japanese Encephalitis (JE)

    Lyme Disease Measles




    Pertussis (Whooping Cough)


    Poliomyelitis (Polio)


    Rotavirus Rubella (German Measles)

    Shingles (Herpes Zoster)


    Tetanus (Lockjaw)


    Typhoid Fever

    Varicella (Chickenpox)

    Yellow Fever

    To date the link between the MMR vaccine (combination for measles, mumps, and rubella) and autism is still unsubstantiated- Meaning there has not been any real SCIENCE behind the "research" from the New Agers.

    However, carefully performed scientific studies have found NO relationship between MMR vaccine and autism. Children are normally diagnosed with autism around the same time that vaccine is given - people are assuming that the vaccine had something to do with it.

    One of the men I work with has a son with autism- he said they new something was wrong because his son wasn't talking and playing like his other two children. It wasn't like he got the vaccine and then stopped acting like a normal kid. He just happened to be at the age where the doctor can say "ok, at this age he should be doing this, this and this- and he isn't doing those things." Its also at that age when kids get the MMR vaccine.

    Autism has more to do with the age of the mother (usually women over 35 have a higher risk of having a child with autism) than it does with anything else.

    Conversly, New Age "medicine" claims homeopathy, and all other types of new age medicine cures all sorts of things and they can only do this because they are NOT regulated by the FDA and New Age medicine does not require trials like scientific medicine does. One scientific investigation into New Age medicines found all sorts of things in the pills that shouldn't have been there- mercury, lead, and hormones to name a few. This is because they can put whatever they want in the pills because no one is checking. All scientific studies have shown Homeopathy to have the same effect as what is called the Placebo effect.

    Its one thing to say I don't want my daughter to have the HPV vaccine until more studies are done. Its quite another to claim a link between vaccinations and autism since there is not one shred of scientific evidence that supports your "feelings".

    My mom never had a flu shot or got sick. Then, when she was in her 60's she got the flu, bad. It turned into pneumonia, one lung was completely filled with fluid, which they had to drain, it then went septic, she almost died. Now she gets the flu shot every year and the pneumonia shot when necessary and hasn't been sick since. Sometimes she has to take antibotics because for her a simple cold turns into bronchitis but without those shots it would quickly turn into pneumonia again and probably die. Thank Goodness for modern medicine.

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    One of the Austistic Spectrum Disorders has been found to be genetic and you can actually have a blood test to confirm (Rett Syndrome). And, RS does this incredible causes regression at 6-18 months just like is reported in other ASDs. Not because of shots, but because of a mutation that causes cells to stop maturing around that age. So, it is just a matter of time before the genetic cause will be found in other ASDs.

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    what strikes me is the discussion in the cbs article ("very reputable source" that acknowledges risks of vaccines but notes that the disease they effectively prevent are worse.....

    most of what you cite are not peer-reviewed scientific studies weighing costs v. benefits, but opinions and anecdotes. be sure to read information on both sides of the debate. the conclusions in the wakefield study, for example, were subsequently retracted by 10 of the paper's 13 authors. It also involved only 12 children. Other, larger, studies have found no link between autism and vaccines.

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    Still not reading, not interested in people spouting off against vaccinations. I'm more interested in keeping my children healthy. :)

    We also get the flu shot, being that my daughter is considered high-risk. My kids got the chicken pox shot. I didn't want them risking death from serious chicken pox complications as a friend of mine experienced. Thankfully she vaccinates her other child now.

    There is no proven link between autism and vaccines. You're providing so many links, LOL, which mean absolutely nothing to me. I started looking at PRO vaccine links... there are just as many, even more. No need to provide them here, being that you people are like a cult and will not listen to reason.

    I'll stick to my good parenting and continue to vaccinate my children. It's a huge relief knowing that they cannot pick up anything from your children. Also, I'm glad to know that my kids can't spread anything to them. I'd feel so very badly if my child had an illness that could have been easily prevented and infected yours. Thankfully that can't happen now because they've had their shots. :)

    LOL at your being rational about it. The least risk to me is to have my kids safe from preventable diseases that can have serious complications. I would say that I'm quite rational. You are taking a risk, sadly, and it's unfortunate that so many follow in your type of cult.

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    Well either way you go can be dangerous. But I chose to have my son vacinated. Ive never known anyone that something happend to them from the vacinations. Everybody I know has had them. And they were fine. So i chose to have them, it was my personal preferance. You have to do what you think is right. No one else can tell you different. You are the parent, you know best, and its your decision, no one elses, and no one should talk down to you because you chose to get the vacinations or you chose not to. I personally chose to because like I said, I have never known anyone to have had a bad reaction or have something happend to them because of it. And it would kill me if my son caught any of those deseases because I chose not to. Id rather take a chance of autism instead of losing him.

    And children dont need all the extra vacines. Like the flu, chicken pox, etc. They need to get sick, they need to get the chicken pox. It builds up their immune system alot stronger, and makes them a stronger person. Than when they do catch a cold, its not the end of the world!!!

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