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ok last one folks funny or not?

Jakie returns to New York after being away for 30 years. He jumps into a taxi and tells the cabbie, "Take me to the Stork Club!" The cabbie answers, "Are you kidding? The Stork Club closed Years ago." "How about the Copa?" he asks. "That too," exclaims the driver. "Well," he asks,"What is still open?" The driver says, "The only one of the old clubs still around is the Hi Hat Club." "I used to go there," he exclaimes, "Let's go."

After a few drinks at the Hi Hat, Jakie goes into the mens' room where he sees runs into the old toilet caretaker. "Irving," he exclaims, "I can't believe you are still here working the toilet! How long have you been here?" "Forty years," Irving answers. Jakie asks, "So, how are you doing?" "Not so great," Irving answers. "It's not like the old days. Now all the drunks come in and throw up in the stalls. And all the druggies come in and shoot up. It's really disgusting!" "Why do you stay?" asks Jakie. Irving replies, "Every once in awhile a gentleman like you comes in to take a crap, it's like a breath of fresh air!"


Cohen went into the showroom of his factory one Sunday and found the model taking all the money out of the safe.

"I'm going to send for the police."

"Please Mr Cohen don't send for the police."

"You were going to rob me, I must send for the police."

"Mr Cohen please, I'll do anything but don't send for the police."


"Yes anything."

Go down to the basement where there's that bed, take your clothes off, I'll be down after I've locked the safe."

He tried for three quarters of an hour to finish making love to her but he was an old man and he failed. Wearily he climbed off her.

"It's no good. I'll have to send for the police."

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    Not as good as your usuals!

  • Anonymous
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    Funny! 10!

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    Bad Bad Bad

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    Good one

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    Yeh u know the old ppl didn't like the second one.......LOl good laugh

  • loved it



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    They're both really boring. They're just too long. Try simplfying them up. Take out the stuff you don't really need.

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    The second one made my lips twitch but that's about it.

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    ha ha ha funny

    thanks for a laugh


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