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Which ended faster?

Vanilla Ice's Singing career or his acting career?

I was just watching "Cool as Ice" and besides a 5 min cameo on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, that was probably the end of his acting career.

I remember in 96 seeing a newspaper article about a fund raiser that he was gonna sing at. I was amazed he was even still singing. Me and some friends started trying to make bets on how many 5 dollar tickets would actually be sold to go see the guy.

And other question.

Why do people hate him? hell one of the biggest songs of 89-90 was "Ice Ice Baby"

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    He lied about his background and about most of his life. Also, he plagiarized from "Pressure" then lied about it, claiming that was HIS work!

    He came across as totally looney when he did that "real world" program with Tammy Faye, Erik Estrada and others. I don't recall the name of the program. It's the one that placed celebrities of varying degrees~from faded to sort of iffy~in a house together. He shrieked about them using pictures of him from the Vanilla Ice days and kept saying he hated "that guy". Honestly, he seemed demented throughout his stay, completely unbalanced. I think he finally defaced all of the pictures of himself.

    I was never a fan, and "Ice Ice Baby" was successful ONLY because he used that wonderful background from the David Bowie/Queen song. He wouldn't even credit the original!

    I've heard people call someone a poser. He certainly was that and still seems to be.

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    because he was such a sleaze! all the behind the scenes interviews he did were nasty

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    maybe they don't like white guys rapping but i like his song,

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