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1. 索多瑪的120天(SALO)

2. CALIGOLA(暴君卡里古拉)

3. 魔法聖嬰(The Baby of Mâcon)

4. 強我(Baise-Moi)

5. 切膚之愛 (Audition)

6 迷上癮 Requiem For A Dream

7. 不可撤銷 (Irreversible)

8. 殺人不分左右(The Last House on the Left )

9. 我唾棄你的墳墓(I Spit on your Grave)

10. 感官世界(in the realm of the senses)

11. 肢解狂魔

12. hostel

13. 盲井

14. White Noise

15. 處男四十 The 40 Year Old Virgin

16. 天使夜驚情

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    I saw Salo, Baise-Moi only.

    Salo (Uncut version) is a Italian film forbidden to play over a long time, it describe the sack behaviour of Italian during world war II. They grab some youngster in street and lock them in a house, and describe the life of them. The film full of a lot of ugly and horror scene like eat ashes,

    Baise-Moi is a French film describe two girls, in the start of film, they are rape by a group of gangster, then, they joint together and kill the gangster, their friend and rob a car to travel France, they rob everywhere and kill everyone. The film is good or not is highly depend what you wish to get from the film.

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    唔係D咩大製作, 但絕對有震撼性

    直到而家都好記得當中幾段劇情. 十分深刻

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