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grammar問題: be used to 同 used to

我想問下幾時用be used to , 幾時用used to ??

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Chek Keng was used to be a remote , beautiful and tranquil bay in Sai Kung and provides an excellent natural retreat for city dwellers in HK.

點解係要delete個was字 , 而唔係將be改做being??

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    used to是用表示過去的一些習慣或動作,如:

    She used to love cats but one attacked her and she doesn't like them anymore.(他曾經愛貓,但後來被一隻貓襲擊後,就不再愛了)

    而be used to是習慣於的意思,如:

    We're used to tourists here - we get thousands every year.(我們都習慣遊客──每年都有數千呢)

    She was not used to speaking Cantonese.(她不習慣講廣東話)

    Eventually you'll get/become used to the smells of the laboratory(他最後都習慣實驗室的氣味)

    但要留意一點:used to後面是跟原形動詞(bare infinitive),而be used to後面要跟名詞或動名詞;最後used to或be used to並不發"d"意,而是發"t"音,


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    "be used to"通常指物品的用途,例如:

    The pot is used to cook food.

    "used to" 則有習慣的意思,例如:

    I used to go to school on foot.

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