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我會信守承諾的 英文怎麼說呢?

我想請問 "我會信守承諾的" 這句話英文要怎麼說呢? 有幾種說法? 或是有相關諺語嗎? 謝謝

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    除了 "I'll keep my promise."之外,也可以說"I'll fulfil my promise."(我會完成承諾),另還有幾個用"word"這個字的俗語,也很常用(節自線上字典

    14. be as good as one's word, to hold to one's promises. 言出必行,言行一致

    20. keep one's word, to fulfill one's promise: I said I'd meet the deadline, and I kept my word. 信守己言

    21. man of his word or woman of her word, a person who can be trusted to keep a promise; a reliable person. 重承諾的人

    以上用在版主所問的 "我會信守承諾的" 這句話:

    I am as good as my word.

    I will keep my word.

    I am a man (或 person或 woman) of my word.

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    I will keep my promise. (formal usage)


    I will keep my words.

    I will not eat my words.

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    I would hold my promise

    I would keep my promise

    I would keep my word

    I would stand to my promise (I would stand to what I have promised)

    I would commit to what I have promised

    I would stick to my promise (I would stick to my word)

    I would not break my promise


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    I will keep my promise


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    I will keep my promise.

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