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Dora asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

急~可以請大家幫我翻譯西洋文學中文嗎 謝謝


Many other stories are told of Hercules, who become the national hero of Greece. Once again his madness returned upon him, and he slew his friend Iphitus. For a penance he bound himself to serve three years as a slave. This time he placed himself under the orders of a woman, Queen Omphale, and it is related that to shaw her power over him, she commanded Hercules to put on the garments of a woman and to spin wool, while she wore his lion`s skin. When Prometheus had been chained to the crag in the Caucasus by Jupiter, one consolation cherished by him in secret was that in time a descendant of Jove himself would come to free him. This event destined by the Fates was fulfilled when Hercules, in the course of one his journeys, beheld Prometheus and was filled with compassion for the Titan who suffered such torments because of his services to mankind. He therefore slew the bird of prey which fed upon Prometheus and freed the Fire-Giver from his chains. On anther journey he encountered Ant us, a son of Neptune, who challenged him to combat. Hercules found that every time he threw Ant us to the ground, the latter rose with redoubled strength after contact with Mother Earth. So he lifted him up into the air and strangled him into submission.



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