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> <請不要將翻譯軟體的直接丟給我~因為我試過了~麻煩了> <

Scott suggests that it is necessary to be aware of these different types in order not to be exclusively concerned with the superficial appearance of the images and so that we can probe beneath that surface. He writes:

There is a great deal that photographs do not tell us about their world. Hirsch [1981: 42] argues, for example, that The prim poses and solemn faces which we associate with

Victorian photography conceal the reality of child labour, women factory workers, whose long hours often brought about the neglect of their infants, nannies sedating their

charges with rum, and mistresses diverting middle class fathers. (J. Scott 1990: 195)

As Scott argues, this means not only that the photograph must not be taken at its face value w}len used as a research source it is also necessary to have considerable additional knowledge of the social context to probe beneath the surface. In fact, one might wonder whether the photograph in such a situation can be of any use to a researcher at all. The researcher does not need the photograph to uncover the ills that formed the underbelly of Victorian society; its only purpose seems to be to suggest that there is a gap between the photographic image and the underlying reality.


請別用翻譯軟體 , 謝謝!

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    有照相的很棒的交易不告訴我們關於他們的世界。 Hirsch 〔1981: 42] 爭論,舉例來說,規規矩矩的姿勢和我們聯合的嚴肅的面與

    維多利亞女王時代的攝影隱藏孩子勞工的事實,女人工廠工人,渴望時常被導致他們的嬰兒的疏忽的數小時,奶媽沈著的他們的 {維多利亞女王時代的攝影隱藏孩子勞工的事實,女人工廠工人,誰的渴望小時時常導致他們的嬰兒的疏忽,奶媽沈著的他們的}

    和甜酒、和情婦有趣的中產階級父親要價。 {藉由挪移中產階級父親以甜酒、和情婦要價。} (J. 史考特 1990 世: 195)

    因為史考特爭論,這意指不只有相片不能在它的表面價值 w 被照}使用的 len 當一個研究來源有社會背景的相當多另外知識在表面之下探查是也必需的。 {因為史考特爭論,這意指不只有相片不能在它的表面價值 w 被照}len 使用的當一個研究來源有社會背景的相當多另外知識在表面之下探查是也必需的。} 事實上,可能想知道在如此的一種情形的相片是否全然可能是任何使用給一個研究人員。 {一可能想知道是否在如此的一種情形的相片對一個研究人員可能是任何使用全然。} 研究人員不需要相片揭示形成了維多利亞女王時代社會的下腹部的疾病; 它的唯一的目的似乎將建議有照相的影像和基本的事實之間的一個間隙。 {它的唯一的目的似乎是建議有照相的影像和基本的事實之間的一個間隙。}

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