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拜託了~請不要將翻譯軟體的直接用上來因為我翻過了不順 謝謝> <

by such things as damage to letters and diaries and the use by authors of abbreviations or codes that are difficult to decipher. Also, as J. Scott (1990) observes, letter writers Inay leave much unsaid in their communications,because they share with their recipients common values and assumptions that are not revealed.

Visual objects

There is a growing interest in the visual in social research, a point that was highlighted in Chapter 14. The photograph is the most obvious manifestation of this trend, in that, rather than being thought of as incidental to the research process, photographs are becoming objects of Interest in their own right (see Box 18.3). Once again, there is a distinction between photographs and other visual obiects that are produced as part of fieldwork and which were discussed in Chapter 14 and those that are extant(which are the focus of attention here). One of the main ways in which photographs may be of interest to social research is in terms of what they reveal about families. As J. Sco'tt (1990) observes, many family photographs are taken as a record of ceremonial occasions eddings, christenings) and of recurring events such as Christmas, annual holidays, and wearing a new uniform at the start of the new school year. Scott refers to a distinction between three types of home photograph: idealization, which is a formal pose-for example, the wedding photograph or a photograph of the family in its finery; natural portrayal, which entails capturing actions as they happen, though there may be a contrived component to the photograph; and demystification, which entails capturing an image of the subject in an untypical (and often embarrassing) situation.


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    由如此事像對信件和日誌的損傷和用途由難解密簡稱或代碼的作者。並且, 當J. 史考特(1990) 觀察, 信件作家Inay 事假取消了在他們的通信, 因為他們與不顯露的他們的接收者共同的價值和假定分享。


    有增長的興趣在視覺在社會研究, 被突出在章節14 裡的點上。相片和偶發事件對研究過程, 相片成為的對象利益是這個趨向的最明顯的顯示, 由於, 而不是被重視(參見箱子18.3) 。

    再次, 有分別在相片並且被生產作為野外工事一部分並且被談論在章節14 裡的其它視覺obiects 並且那些之間是extant(which 是注意焦點這裡) 。相片也許是利益對社會研究的主要方式的當中一個用是根據什麼他們顯露關於家庭。

    如同J. Sco'tt (1990) 觀察, 許多家庭照片被拍攝作為禮儀場合eddings, christenings 紀錄) 和復發的事件譬如聖誕節,

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    例假, 和穿一件新制服在新學年的開始。史考特提到分別在三類型家庭相片之間: 理想化, 是一正式擺在為例子, 婚禮相片或家庭的相片在它的華麗服裝; 自然寫照, 需要奪取行動當他們發生, 雖然那裡也許是一個被策劃的組分對相片; 並且demystification, 需要奪取主題的圖像在一個untypical (和經常令人困窘) 情況。


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