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Have you ever been to South Africa and which place did you visit/like there?

and how did you find the place.....any surprises??? :)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I went 3 years ago to South Africa! :)

    In my impression I've always thought that it would be a third-world country,however when I arrived there it was a BOMB! It's such an underestimated country.

    I took the Garden Route,hence i visited places like Sun City,Pretoria,Johannesburg and Cape Town. To be frank,I liked ALL of the places I visited in South Africa,it was the most wonderful vacation I've ever had. Sun City was like mini casino city,and it had a really exciting wild game reserve there where I went on a jeeper during was amazing and I remember there was an elephant which came into our way and refused to budge.

    Then the gold mines are a must-visit. Johannesburg and Pretoria are famous for their gold extraction,so when you get there you'll have a chance to take an elevator deep into the mines and you know they sell gold as souvenirs,a small bottle of gold costs 30 Rand(about $7.50USD). As for the rest of the journey in Johannesburg I kinda forgot ><

    And we travelled down to Cape Town. Cape Town was the best destination in SA,in my opinion. Its less business-oriented there and more for relaxation. A must-visit would have to be their famous Cape Point and Table Mountain. However the guide told us that we would have to be very lucky to ascend Table Mountain because it was covered by clouds generally the whole year which makes it impossible to ascend. However we were extremely lucky on the day,the mountain was clear and we got to ascend it :) The cable car was like a large revolver which could carry about 100 people,and it was just amazing. It had a panaramic view of the whole Cape Town.

    There's also Cape Point,which was also fantastic. We dined at a restaurant at the peak of Cape Point,where its seafood lobster rice with butter sauce was just..speechless. Its seafood was top-notch,you should really go to Cape Town for its wonderful seafood. Also,I can only remember that we went to Moss Bay and Fisherman's wharf where opposite fisherman's wharf lies an amazing shopping centre which sells all familiar brands and there was a street which sold ALL gemstones,as SA is famous for its gemstones too. It costed about 92 Rand to buy a full sample of about 24 kinds of gemstones from a souvenir shop.

    Lastly,we took a train(the ride was awesome! it travelled on cliffs and mountains) to Oudtshoorn,famous for its ostriches. We visited the Highgate Ostrich showfarm and we got to stand on an ostrich egg which could take my weight,and we enjoyed an ostrich meal,where an ostrich egg could be shared and eaten by 24 people. However on that day,we were originally going to have a ride on ostriches but the temperature was too high(39 degrees) and the ostriches were having heated tempers that day lol..that was what the farm owner told us. But still,the souvenirs were worth a buy. I bought a colored ostrich egg which costs about 350Rand,i think the egg's one of the most unique souvenirs you can ever get in SA.

    Lastly,we went to our last destination Cango Caves. It was pretty ok,very much like other caves just that their souvenir shop is a must visit because it had tons of weird and interesting stuff including fake snakes and boomerangs lol oh yeah and I forgot we also went to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. A must-visit too. I liked all the places there,it was an amazing and great country. However I found that the security was pretty down,crime rates were darn high.

    I gotta tell you this incident : It happened in Cape Town. While we were chatting in our hotel,One of my groupmates who had a family of 4,with his wife and 2 kids he told me that he had once visited SA before. Once he went to Macs with his family for dinner and while he was walking back to the hotel,he was robbed by 4 men with knives. They only relented when he told them they were tourists,so the security there ought to be stepped up because you will encounter sort of tramps living on the streets opposite your hotel and they rob people for a living. That night I was about to go to the opposite atm machine for exchange of currency,luckily I didn't go as one of my groupmates had the currency,or else I might have encountered the same thing. Moreover I was alone. So do beware,if you're going out at night do remember to travel in a large group and avoid walking those dark and deserted lanes.

    Alright,that should be pretty much summed up,and do not forget to visit its shopping malls,they're great places to shop for stuff and clothes. :) I was pretty scared at first upon the thought of going to somewhere in Africa,but it turned out to be one of the best vacations I've ever had. Do enjoy it.

    Source(s): My personal experience. :D
  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    Inx sums it up pretty well. But you will STILL be surprised at how developed SA is. We have tar roads, funny that coz most people think its dirt. And we have really nice cars, you will see hummers and BMW's and Porshes and Mercs everywhere in the cities. Dont be fooled, just because we have poverty and are in Africa, there are still alot of rich people. And no, they are not all white. In fact most are black now a days.

    You will also be surprised by the crime. It is so bad here that ofetn petty stories make headlines because there are so many murders that we just lose interest.

    But I keep telling tourists, normal people live here too, everyday. So its not all that bad. And it is beautiful.

  • 1 decade ago

    I live in South Africa and the best places to visit will depend on what you want to see/experience. Basically it is the world in one country

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I live in South Africa and have never left. I love Cape Town, due to the fact that I grew up there. It is beautiful! Cape Town is the place to see if you come to our country.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think it is a very interesting country and I love stayin there.

    I stay in Johannesburg, but I love the Cape Town coast, the Durban coastline, the Mpumalanga landscapes, the Drakensberg mountains and the Kruger National Parks.

  • cheri
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Thanks inx lol i life here but you make me feel like going to all those places myself - glad you enjoyed it

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