How are girl changing their sanitary pads?

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You keep extra in your purse. When you go to the bathroom you roll the used one up in toilet paper and dispose it. Then you put on a new one. As the days go by and your period is lighter, switch to minipads, then to a pantyliner. -LL


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  • bluchair1 answered 6 years ago
    One stinky, icky, pad at a time. (Oh to be a girl... haha) ;o)
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  • Hot Lover answered 6 years ago
    ther go into there bathrooms or bedrooms and remove there shorts, trousers, skirts ect. and there panties thongs ect, and remove there old pads and replace it its fun
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  • mizzpretti answered 6 years ago
    They go to a restroom. Either you can wear a pad or tampon. A pad comes in wongs or no wings. You take off the paper, then you stck it to your panties. With the tampon you stick it up the vaginal canal, then tug on the string to make sure it is in place, most of the time they don 't fall out. You change your pad when there is a good amount of blood on there. They have a silver box that you can discard of a dirty pad. Also, at home you can keep a plastic bag that is used for groceries to place tampons and pads in . Hope this helps! :)
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