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Hi, I'm looking for a Frank Sinatra version of "New York, New York" in which he spoofs New Jersey.

Heard it on the radio recently but was unable to find any clues. It's great and i'd love to find it. Anyone?

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    I tried Youtube as the previous responder suggested but didn't find what you are looking for at:

    Sometimes radio stations will hire singers that are able to do parodies of songs. Perhaps that is what you heard and there is no corresponding video. However, I just found this for ya':

    Parody Song Title: "New Jersey, New Jersey"

    Parody Written by: Groundhog Druggies

    Godamn it there's no news, I'm leaving today

    I want to get out of it - New Jersey, New Jersey

    These crappie shoes are going to stay

    I've just been beating up in the heart of it - New Jersey, New Jersey

    I want to wake up in a city, that doesn't suck

    I found myself at the top of a landfill - top of the heap

    These little town bose, I'm spewing away

    I'm going to get the **** kicked out of me - in old New Jersey

    If I can make it here, I can sell pot anywhere

    Come on buy some- New Jersey, New Jersey

    Source(s): Is that it?? Found it here at this website:
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    try youtube

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