microsoft access.?

do you know any good websites explaining possible uses for microsoft access and how it helps companies? or could you tell me something?

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    microsoft access is relational database managing software. you can create databases with it and run queries to retrieve information from your database.

    examples of companies that need online databases are,,, etc.

    a company could have a database to keep track of it's employees, the projects they work on, departments they work in, and hours worked per week.

    you set up tables in access for employee, departments, and projects. each table would it's own attributes like employee PID, name, Dept num, project name, etc.

    you can then run queries and find how how many hours employee X in the Research Dept worked on Project Y.

    google for sample databases.

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    MS Access is used to make databases.

    According to "":


    A set of data grouped together in one location in (or accessible by) a computer. A computerized database has been likened to an electronic filing cabinet of information arranged for easy access or for a specific purpose.

    So MS-Access is a database program that is a electronic database that is similar to the old style filing cabinet of information. Organized information is important to a business because the business can quickly access information that is sometimes compiled by others in the work place or external sources. This information helps in doing day to day work.

    Take a customer database for instance, many business use these all the time.

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    Access is a great database program. The best website to go is

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    The sites provide tutorial that will help you get started with Microsoft Access and may solve some of your problems.

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