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What are the synonym of these words?

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1) mourners -

2) trudged -

3) courtship -

4) somber -

5) meshses -

6) amid -

7) retribution -

8) ethnic -

9) slurs -

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    Mourner -

    Synonyms: ache, agonize, anguish, be brokenhearted*, be sad, bemoan, bewail, bleed, blubber, carry on, complain, cry, deplore, fret, grieve, hang crepe, hurt, keen, lament, languish, long for, miss, moan, pine, rain, regret, repine, rue, sigh, sob, sorrow, suffer, take on, wail, wear black*, weep, wring hands*, yearn

    Trudged -

    Synonyms: clump, drag oneself*, footslog, hike, lumber, march, plod, plug along*, shlep, slog, step, stumble, stump, traipse, tramp, tread, trek, wade

    Antonyms: tiptoe

    Courtship ~

    Definition: romance

    Synonyms: courting, dating, engagement, love, lovemaking, pursuit, suit, wooing

    Somber ~

    Definition: sad

    Synonyms: black, bleak, blue*, caliginous, cloudy, dark, depressing, depressive, dim, dingy, dire, dismal, dispiriting, doleful, down, drab, dragged, dreary, dull, dusk, dusky, earnest, funereal, gloomy, grave, grim, hurting, joyless, lugubrious, melancholy, mournful, murky, no-nonsense, obscure, sad, sedate, sepulchral, serious, shadowy, shady, sober, solemn, sourpuss, staid, tenebrous, weighty

    Antonyms: cheerful

    Meshses ~ (is that a word...?)

    Amid ~

    Definition: middle

    Synonyms: amidst, among, amongst, between, during, mid, over, surrounded by, throughout

    Antonyms: away from, beyond, far from, outside, separate

    Notes: 1. among applies to things that can be separated and counted; amid to things that cannot

    2. use between when referring to two, use among for three or more entities, and use amid for a quantity that is not made up of separate items; between applies to reciprocal arrangements and among to collective arrangements

    Retribution ~

    Definition: payback

    Synonyms: avengement, avenging, comeuppance, compensation, counterblow, just desserts*, justice, punishment, reckoning, recompense, redress, repayment, reprisal, requital, retaliation, revanche, revenge, reward, satisfaction, vengeance, what for*

    Ethnic ~

    Definition: cultural

    Synonyms: indigenous, national, native, racial, traditional, tribal

    Slurs ~

    Definition: insult

    Synonyms: accusation, affront, animadversion, aspersion, bar sinister*, black eye*, blemish, blot, blur, brand, brickbat*, calumny, dirty dig*, discredit, disgrace, dump, expose, hit, innuendo, insinuation, knock, obloquy, odium, onus, put-down*, rap*, reflection, reproach, slam, smear*, stain, stigma, stricture, zinger*

  • 1 decade ago

    1) mourners - griever, wailer

    2) trudged -hiked, plodded

    3) courtship - dating wooing

    4) somber - cloudy, dark, dreary

    5) meshses - knit, woven

    6) amid - amist, among, surrounded by

    7) retribution - payback, reward, revenge

    8) ethnic - indigenous, national, native, racial, traditional, tribal

    9) slurs - allegation, arraignment, attribution

  • 1 decade ago


    2. trekked

    3. engagement

    4 solemn

    5. merges

    6. among

    7. revenge

    8. racial

    9. slanders

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