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Horse poem?

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anyone got a horse poem about a horse? Give me some info on the horse it's about, ie it it yours, gelding, barrel? Here is mine. Big and beautifull, bold and strong he sail ...show more
Update : Thank you to all who like my poem, I have close to 100 I think. I will ...show more
Update 2: Come on, l don't care if its 5 words, its easy!
Update 3: I have to admit, but that poen was about a horse l used at lessons. But ...show more
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OMG, I love the poem you wrote- also the poem that the 1st person wrote too. I really don't write poems, I write short storys, but I just wanted to say yours is VERY good.

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Thank you, I love writing so for me it's just 2 of my passions put together(horses & writing).
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  • __________ answered 7 years ago
    The Heart of a Horse.
    From Autumn 2005 The Draft Horse Journal

    When your day seems out of balance
    and so many things go wrong…
    When people fight around you
    and the day drags on too long…

    When the grown-ups act like children,
    and you’re off your spiritual course
    Go out into the pasture…
    and wrap your arms around your Horse.

    His gentle breath enfolds you,
    and he watches with those eyes…
    He may not have a Ph.D.,
    But he is, oh so wise!

    His head rests on your shoulder.
    You embrace and feel his might.
    He puts your world in balance,
    and makes it seem all right.

    Your tears they soon stop flowing.
    The tension is now eased.
    The garbage has been lifted,
    and you’re quiet and at peace.

    So when you need the balance
    from circumstances in your day…
    The best therapy that you can seek..
    is out there eating hay!!

    i wrote this one myself:

    With horses, I don’t need words. I don’t need preset boundaries telling me how long I can ride or how strong our bond is. Because when the going gets tough, the tough turn to horses. Gallop through the open countryside, and when you want to feel free, just loosens the reigns.

    this one is not really a poem but im a jumper so its funny:

    Neverbeenraced is a prime example of an American Thoroughbred. The coat is deep bay, no markings, the textbook TB head, and no unusual conformational characteristics. Perfect, just perfect. Overcame a near fatal flat in his H/J career when he learned that the plants in the jumps are NOT real, and therefore did not require him to stop and taste. Has learned to count strides all by himself, and asks in midair which lead his mistress would like today.

    PS-the first answer is great
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  • westerngamergirl answered 7 years ago
    glair -----> glare
    gentile---> gentle
    here's your poem, except that it's edited to poem standards:
    and a better way that you could write it:

    Big and Beautiful;
    Bold and Strong;
    He sails across the Fields long
    Tail flying through the air.
    His coat shines in the morning glare;
    His name is Midnight Moon.
    And I hope to see him again soon.

    remember that the first letter of each line is capitalized whether its the beginning of a sentence or not. you can capitalize any word/s you want, even if it doesn't make sense.
    same goes for punctuation.
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  • lj answered 7 years ago
    I have a poem about barrel racing. It's called the Barrel Racers Prayer.

    Lord, I might seem so little
    Sitting up here all alone
    Astride the mountain of a horse
    You made of muscle, of bone.
    But, together we're a team, Lord
    With one goal in mind,
    To make it around the cloverleaf
    In record breaking time.
    Please, keep my horse surefooted,
    Let me hang on to my quirt.
    Racing around those barrels
    With one stirrup in the dirt.
    As we make that last runaround
    And we quickly race for home.
    Win or lose, record or not,
    With you we're never alone.
    I thank You for being there,
    Keeping my horse and me safe
    And Lord, with your divine help,
    We will compete in our next race.

    We have it scratched onto stone at our barn, it's hanging in the the office/lounge area. We also recite it before barrel racing at a show. It's cool. =]
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  • ? answered 7 years ago
    zorro is my buddy and forever he will be
    zorro is my best friend and he will never see
    that i am just a person
    as a rock or a tree

    he gallops over long grass fields till you swear he'll never stop
    hes got a mane of black and white with burnt sienna on the top
    my dances when he trots and races when he canters
    my best friends' got ears that raise above his head like antlers

    (holy cow i forget this part, but it goes something like this, er, you wont get the full effect, ill look it up, mind i wrote this in 7th grade and i am now in 10th so its been awhile.)

    blaahablahblah................... something that ryhmes with lot
    my buddy's my best friend and i love em alot.
    thats the best i got, it kinda sucks but its cute. :)
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  • horses_R_my_lyf answered 7 years ago
    That is so good your so good at righting poems, i wish i could write poems like that.
    ps i dont have a horse but where i ride i ride a horse named dainty shes dark chestnut 13.1.
    shes adorable .
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  • Horse poem?
    anyone got a horse poem about a horse? Give me some info on the horse it's about, ie it it yours, gelding, barrel?

    Here is mine.

    Big and beautifull, bold and strong he sail across the fields long, tail flying through the air, his coat shines in the morning glair, his name is Midnight moon and l hope to see him again soon.

    Midnight is my 7 yr old 16 hh black twh gelding who I ride every way.
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