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Can dry mold still be a problem?

In July I had a roof leak. The leak was repaired quickly, but had mold/water damage in two rooms. The contractor was to remove the walls and treat for mold and replace them with mold resistant wallboarding. It's now a month later, and the mold test came back positive. (No, I haven't paid the whining contractor yet.)

Can dry mold still be an issue for me and my allergies? Since the contractor didn't remove enough of the walls, the entire job needs to be redone...from scratch and I can't fathom thinking about that, I haven't fully recovered from the first repairs.

What I need to know is if time will end the mold issue or not. The area has been dry for months now.


I paid the contractor half of the fee, and he was hired to remove the mold. He did that on what he removed, but failed to remove enough is what I think. (Another non related issue is he was to provide a letter of the roofing sheathing failure for my builder, so the warranty would reimburse me.) Anyway, contractor did not remove the mold, as hired to do, which is why he hasn't been fully paid. You pay them and they disappear and I will end up paying another contractor for the same thing! ;)

The entire area is sealed up, and even what was not removed, but painted with kilz.

There are no more wet areas. The a/c ducts are slick aluminum and nothing accumulates there. I do have an ionizer air cleaner running in that room, and changed the a/c filters on the house system every 3 days during the process.

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    yes - dry mold even "dead" mold can come back to life if moisture and conditions are right. Mold can be a serious health hazard. You should ask your local county or state health dept. if they have a list of licensed contractors for mold removal, if not, usually companies that are licensed for Asbestos or Lead removal can also do mold removal.

    It is also important to correct the problem that caused the mold in the first place - otherwise it will just come back. That means finding the sources of moisture and controlling them and checking the ventilation and add or decrease it - best left to professionals. A common problem is bathroom or kitchen exhaust fans that dont bring the air outside they dump the air into the attic or walls. Or having no bathroom or kitchen exhaust fans can cause mold too.

    'The EPA has the most info on this.

    Go to and get publication number 402K02003 Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture and Your Home

    as a start.

    If you have a duct system for heating or AC, add UV ultraviolet filters to kill mold. Also, room HEPA filters can help too but they are not a total solution.

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    First off why have you not paid the contractor?

    Most contractors aren't certified to handle mold abatement!

    If he was contracted to do work, you need to read the contract and see what you signed stating exactly what he would and would not do per said contract.

    I certainly hope that those on this forum that constantly advise people not to pay the contractor realise that you can easily be sued and a lien put on your home if the courts find the homeowner at fault for breech of contract.

    Now to address the issue.

    Mold abatement is a different animal than roof repair or sheetrock repair.Mold ababement is in a class right along side asbestos removal. Not just anyone can rip out walls containing mold.

    Mold is a very serious health risk and danger. Especially to the elderly and children.

    Contact your former contractor and read your contract. discuss the problem and stop trying to get away with not paying a man for his work. If he did what the contract states he would do then it will be you that are sorry when he takes you to court or takes your home.

    Dry mold is actually worse than wet mold. As mold dries it releases spores that get caught in a homes draft zones and dispurse thoughout the house causing illness,allergic reactions and asthma.

    Source(s): Home Repair Specialist
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    One of the problems with mold is that you can kill the surface mold but depending on what it is growing on the roots continue to live. Thespores will travel througout the house looking for a good place to start over. I would install a hepa type air filter on your A/C-Heater and run the fan constantly, this will in essence give you a whole house air filtration unit. You would also be wise to install an Ultraviolet air sanitizer inside the air handler of the same unit, this will kill anything that happens to squeeze through the filter. Ihave this combo in my home and it keeps the unit and the air very clean. Besides that, the contractor can at least have an attic fogging done using a certified mold killer. This should also be done in your duct system, since this is a popular place to find mold spores that have been sucked up into the system.

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    yes the dry mold is still a problem, when disturbed the spores are flying everywhere! Call your contractor back and tell him that there is still mold and it has to be cleaned up! If he fails to do so, don't pay him. Take pictures in case you have to go to court.

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  • hello ,yes ,mold spores can be sickining.i would spray bleach on the area and wipe clean.if the area is dry now and you wash away the mold that you see,and if in a few days it comes back i would say you should have your contractor start over.get some pictures just incase.good luck.

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