Best Cheesesteak in Town?

Can someone give me the name and address of a place in Philly where I can get a real, authentic cheesesteak? I live in Maryland, and will be traveling north pretty soon, and I MUST partake of the best the city has to offer. I'm not concerned about 'bad neighborhoods', etc...and while I'd like to stick to a street where I can easily get back on the interstate, its not necessary to my goal here.

So please.......where can I find THE best cheesesteak?

Thanks to you all in advance for answering! :) Happy Holidays!!

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    Ok, lets get real.

    The BIG BIG BIG name shops often use "knuckle" depends on the current pricing of the steak. You're not gonna get a real rib eye steak unless you go to a local shop.

    I'm also not a fan of the pricing and portions of the BIG ones...they are really nice after a night of drinking but if you want a good steak you have to tell us the neighborhood you're going to be in and go from there.

    But you're just coming up 95 so here's what I would do that I quick and easy and amazing....take the Center City exit (on the left side of the highway) and then bear right...Callowhill Ave...go up to 10th street...or even 12...make a left...a half mile down on Arch is the Reading Terminal of the best on the East Coast.

    In that market is Rick's Steaks. Rick is the grandson? of Pat Olivieri...the guy who invented cheesesteaks. Rick's makes the real deal with good quality meat everytime. No question he's the best on the North side of market ((the tourist traps on the south side are not as easily accessible from 95).

    Getting back on 95 from the RTMarket is just as go back a block North to Race St....make a right, back on 95...five minutes.

    Also at RTM is Famous Cookies...oh my Major big deal good. Also there is PA General Market where they have the right kind of soft pretzels fresh every day...2 for a buck. Amazing. Crisp.


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    here's the info on pats.....

    1237 E Passyunk Ave

    Philadelphia, PA 19147

    (215) 468-1546

    Open Weekdays 24 Hours

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    Pat's in the original and the best!!! I have no idea what the address is...but everyone in the city knows where it just ask...and ENJOY!!!

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