greeyy's faannss!?

was there a new episode on thanksgiving?!

i'm like. freaking out! i couldn't watch it because i was obviously having dinner with my familyy

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    Yes, there was.

    Crash Into Me, Part 1

    Original air date: November 22, 2007

    Directed by: Michael Grossman

    Written by: Shonda Rhimes and Krista Vernoff

    Guest Stars: Elizabeth Reaser (Ava/Rebecca Pope), Seth Green (Nick), Lauren Stamile (Rose), Cress Williams (Tucker), Gale Harold (Shane), John Billingsley (Jacob), Theo Rossi (Stan), Kimberly Huie (Mary) and Alison LaPlaca (Jacob's wife)

    Title reference: The episode title refers to a song by the Dave Matthews Band.


    Meredith resolves to let Derek know that she does not want him to continue dating other people, but when it comes to actually telling him, she chickens out. Meanwhile, Bailey's husband, Tucker, is unhappy that she is not at home most of the time, leaving him to constantly take care of their son. He wants to have a talk with her, and she decides to meet him for lunch to have the talk.

    Lexie is still mad at Alex for not keeping his promise to not let Meredith know about Thatcher's alcoholism, so he kisses her to appease her. Meanwhile, Mark has a patient, Nick, who is recovering from having a large carotid body tumor removed from his neck. However, the surgery has left his carotid artery exposed and extremely susceptible to rupturing at any time. Lexie checks on Nick as he flirts with her, saying that his ex-girlfriend left him recently. She tells him that she is already seeing someone, a nice guy who is disguised as a jerk, referring to Alex.

    An ambulance brings in a heart patient with a sternal infection, causing both Cristina and Izzie to fight over who gets the patient and get on Erica's service. While they are arguing, Meredith realizes that an incoming ambulance is careening out of control and yells at them to bring the patient away. The residents manage to move out of the way just before the ambulance crashes into the other one, causing the latter vehicle to flip over several times, trapping its two paramedic occupants, Ray and Stan, inside.

    Both paramedics are suspended upside-down in the ambulance, but Stan's condition is worse than Ray's. The Chief realizes that Stan is going to die from excessive bleeding once they extract him from the vehicle, so when Stan requests for his wife, who works at Seattle Grace, he immediately sends Meredith to get her. After Stan's wife arrives to see her husband, the two trapped paramedics are prepared to get extracted from the wreckage. During the extraction, Stan realizes an oxygen regulator is embedded in Ray's back, and orders Meredith to halt the extraction. The Chief calls Stan a hero for saving Ray's life, but Stan has already passed on. An ultrasound has to be performed on Ray to determine the extent of his injuries, and Meredith decides to crawl into the wreckage to do it, but Ray is now close to passing out.

    A piece of flying shrapnel lodges itself in the heart patient's femur and they rush him inside the hospital. Cristina and Izzie fight for Erica's affection, but Erica eventually picks Cristina, telling Izzie to go to Callie to work on removing the shrapnel. Meanwhile, Erica requests Mark's help to remove the patient's infected sternum, and he tries to get a date with her, but is shot down yet again.

    Bailey rushes to the other ambulance to find two other injured paramedics, Shane and Mary. Mary had a seizure while driving into the ambulance bay and crashed her vehicle to the other ambulance. Although Shane sustained internal abdominal injuries, he refuses to let Bailey treat him, insisting on a male doctor. But when he also refuses to let the Chief treat him, it becomes clear that what he wants is a white doctor. Determined not to give him want he wants, Bailey gets Erica to give her Cristina, who is not entirely happy about being pulled off Erica's service. Also not entirely happy is Shane, who does not get a white doctor like he wanted.

    Cristina pulls back his shirt to examine him and discovers a large swastika tattooed on his stomach. She reveals that her stepfather's parents were killed in Auschwitz, but Bailey tells her that they can rise above and do the surgery. However, Shane refuses to sign his consent forms unless a white doctor is observing, and Bailey is forced to get Derek to lend her George. Tucker pages Bailey in the midst of the surgery, looking for her for their lunch talk, but she is unable to leave the OR.

    Derek and George discover that the reason Mary had a seizure was because of a tumor in her brain, and the doctors have to perform a craniotomy on her to remove it. However during the surgery, the stereotactic computer malfunctions, leaving the probe in Mary's brain with no way to remove it.

    As Alex prepares to scrub in on the heart patient with Mark, he sees Rebecca in the hallway looking for him. She asks him out for coffee, but he has to turn her down for the heart surgery, and she asks him to sneak her into the OR gallery so that she can watch his surgery. During the surgery, Lexie enters the gallery and sits next to Rebecca. The two make small talk and Lexie discovers that Alex is also seeing Rebecca. Furious, she goes back to check on Nick, who observes her unhappiness. Lexie tells him that her nice guy boyfriend disguised as a jerk turned out to be a jerk, and Nick tries to cheer her up by suggesting ways she could take revenge. However, Nick's carotid artery suddenly bursts, spraying blood all over Lexie.


    "Movie Star" - Roisin Murphy

    "I Can See Clearly Now" - Johnny Nash

    "Where I Stood" - Missy Higgins

    "Let Me Out" - Ben's Brother

    "Revival" - Soulsavers

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    Yepp...An ambulance was turned over because the girl driving the other ambulance ran into it..and something happens to Dr. Grey but they said to be continued...

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    yes there was y were yall eating so late but NEways i missed bc i was watching the beyonce' concert you can watch it on for free

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    there was one on in canada thursday...

    i thought thanksgiving was tuesday for you guys??

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    yep; it was so sad (as they all are)!

    sorry you missed it! :(

    i bet you could find it on the internet though!

  • 1 decade ago

    i have no idea but i had to work all day

    im pissed that i missed it

  • 1 decade ago can watch it online free at

  • Hirako
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    1 decade ago


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