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packer dallas fans?

so the eagles almost beat the pats the pats destroyed dallas and green bay beat the eagles so does this put worrie into dallas fans about thrusdays game at this point the cowboys fans are counting gb out but may be they should not be so coxyhomo i mean romo is young farve is very seasoned and has never won in dallas so he wants to break that streak


ok the packers and bear games the rivalry there is full of hate its like the superbowl in every time they play the bear thing was the packers making alot of mistakes

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    Everyone keeps talking about Farve and Romo and T.O. but let's not forget that the Packers have one of the best Defenses in the league. Farve is in a zone right now and I don't think that Dallas can stop him. I know GB has no running game but with Farve who needs one. If Dallas does win it will be because of Marion Barber and not because of T.O. Also, Tony Romo has proved nothing to us except that he chokes in big game situations. I go with the Packers on this one. I think it will be the Packers/Patriots in the Super Bowl. FYI...I am not a Packers fan just voicing my opinion.

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    You also forgot to mention that Dallas stomped the Eagles 34-17 during week 9 in the Eagles' own stadium I remember that game very well. By the end of the half, 1/4 of the fans in the stadium cleared out. By the enf of the third quarter, 3/4 of the fans had left. Also don't forget that the Cowboys beat the Bears 34-10. So i don't think you can consider yourself accurate by who won against who in the past. Anything can happen and it all comes down to matchups.

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    Not worried at all...Dallas will beat the Packers and then probably lose one game so both the Packers & cowboys will be 14-2 but Dallas will have the tie breaker.

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    Dallas destroyed Philly in their stadium on Sunday night football.. did you forget about that.

    Dallas destroyed chicago, Chicago beat GB.

    This is a stupid ,stupid question. And you have a very selective memory.

    Its going to be a good game, and I give Dallas the edge because of home field, and their running game.

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    so let me get this straight.... dallas is just lucky to be above 500 right now... the patriots are shaking in their boots at the thought of playing brett "god" favre... and you've had a little too much tequila...


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    that puts no worries on us Dallas fans because we have to play our hearts out but either way WE WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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