I had the flu shot several weeks ago, but I have the flu now, how is this possible?

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    1. the flu shot is in essence "giving you the flu"

    2. there are like over 1200 strains of the flu- and every year they "predict" which strain will be the most prevelant and that's what they do the vaccine for.

    3. Read the fine print- no vaccines are fool proof against actually getting the disease

    4. just one of the many reasons why vaccinations are bad

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    After all these answers, you can see why getting medical advise on the Internet is dangerous.

    The Flu Vaccine has 3 of the most deadliest strains. They chop them up into very small pieces and KILL them. Because there are around 200 different strains of the flu you can still catch one of the ones that were not included in the flu shot. Your body can still recognize the flu and build antibodies against that strain of the flu so that if you do catch that strain your body will be ready to fight it. YOU CAN NOT CATCH THE THREE STRAINS OF THE FLU FROM THE FLU SHOT!

    The number one symptom of the flu is body aches, then fever. Do you have these two symptoms? If you do and it has not been 24 hours yet, you can take Tamiflu and only have the symptoms for a few days instead of 10.

    Source(s): Been giving flu shots for 12 years and met with the CDC for most of those years over the Flu Shot.
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    The flu shot contains dead virus cells from the 3 strains of flu that health experts predict will be the most common for that season. A lot of people will tell you (incorrectly) that you can get the flu from a flu shot. There was some concern of this back when they used to give you shots of "wounded" flu virus, but this is 100% impossible today. Still the rumor persists.

    Most likely, you have picked up one of the strains that was predicted to be not as common and therefore was not included in the shot. Sometimes the makers of the flu shot guess wrong and a strain that was not expected to be common ends up being more common than they thought.

    It happens. A shot is not a guarentee, but is still a good idea.

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    Its because the flu vaccine is worthless. The snake oil of the new millennium. It doesn't protect you from anything but it does contain mercury. People that get 5 or more flu shots are 10 times more likely to contract Alzheimer's.

    It does however line the pockets of the corrupt medical and pharmaceutical businesses.

    In fact, for the 2003-04 flu season, the CDC reported "only 3 to 14% of those who got vaccinated were protected against the flu."

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    While the flu shot does not make you immune to the flu, it does help your body adapt to the specific strand og virus you were injected with. The strand is an "educated guess" of what is perceoved to be the bad strand of flu that will circulate this winter - it is not always "dead-on".

    Also, most people are not aware, but they inject you with a dead strand of the virus, so that way it is not active and attcking your immune system, but by simply being there your body can creat anitbodies to it. During this time though, as your immune system works on creating anitbodies, it may be weakened when defending against other viruses/bacterias; and this process may make you more succeptable to other things going around (which your body fights on a daily basis). And then simply, some individuals just react badly to a flu shot, even though the virus is dead, it's foreign presence can affect you and make you sick.

    I personally do not receive flu shots. Based on my experience, they have made me sick as well, and the benefit is not seen. I seem to avoid sickness just fine without it.

    This is my opinion though and you should really decide for yourself!

    Hope you feel better-

    Happy Holidays!

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    The flu shot is only for one stain of flu. Their are many stains of flu. When you get the flu shot your immune system is busy trying to kill that flu, so other stains or a cold can get you. Also your immune system may have been week at the time and never never developed a immunity to the flu you were injected with. Many people think that it is a dead stain of flu they inject you with, which is true sometimes but not always. They should have told you when you got it if it was a live stain of flu.

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    If you are certain that what you are suffering now IS the flu, they will tell you that not all viruses are covered by the shot - just the ones which are projected to be of concern for a given year. I also had the shot, so far so good, but if there is a strain that was not expected going around, I'll get that too, most likely.

  • Jaydog
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    There are MANY different strains of the flu and they can only protect you against so many of them in the flu shot. They just add protection against the most common flu strains and what has either appeared or they think will apear that season. Looks like you just got a less common type of the bug that they didnt have in the shot.

  • J B
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    The flu shot is only made to fight certain viruses that they believe will be circulating in any given year. There are literally thousands of flu viruses. They immunize against the one that they believe will cause the most illness during the winter months. You have caught a different virus than the one you were immunized against. That is how this is possible.

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    There are many types of Flu virus so you don't know it it's one of the flu virus strains that you were inoculated for a couple of weeks ago. The flu shot doesn't protect you against all flu virus. If in fact your flu virus is one in which you were inoculated with you will recover much more rapidly and your symptoms should be very minimal.

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