What's it like to live in San Antonio?

I'm thinnking of moving there. I would like to know all over temps in a year, tornados, rain, etc.. Also, fees for renting a 2 or 3 bedroom house. Crime rates, traffic, employment?

Thanks for all of your help !

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    San Antonio is a very affordable city. The rents are considerably cheaper than major cities anywhere else in the US. You asked about renting, though in San Antonio, renting is really very similar in cost for a 3 bedroom house to buying. The housing cost in the Texas area are quite reasonable, but the property taxes are higher than many states. This is, however, offset by Texas having no personal income tax.

    San Antonio is one of America's fastest growing cities. The city was the 11th largest in the US in 1995, 9th largest in 2000 and was 7th largest in 2006 now having grown larger than Dallas as the second largest city in Texas. This rapid growth does have some affect on both traffic and crime. Certain areas of the city have traffic issues at high traffic periods, though this is common in any major city, and certainly no worse in San Antonio. The crime rate for the overall city is higher than the Texas and National average, but that is also common in any major city. However, there are many areas of the city where the crime rates are at or below the state and national average. Additionally, in some areas, if a careful examination of the crime statistics by the San Antonio Police Department is made, you will find the crime is mostly limited to shopliftting and crimes against business and property, in those areas personal crime (ie. rape or murder) is minimal.

    Good sources of information about an area of town are:

    www.homefair.com or www.city-data.com and look at the city reports by the zipcode you are considering living in. Homefair will break down the types of crime into personal/property and further break it down if you examine closely.

    As far as weather, if you don't like the weather in San Antonio, wait a few minutes...

    Actually, in general, the weather in the area is usually very temperate. The average low in January is 39, the high usually being in the 60s, the average high in July is 94-95 with lows in the 70s. The Spring and Fall months are usually days in the 80s and nights in the 60s. This is why we have Sea World, and other tourism sites in the metropolitan area. There have been very few tornados in the city in the history of San Antonio, due to it's geographical setting. The city is far enough from the coast to avoid the worst effects of hurricanes but you can be on the beach in 2 1/2 hours. The rainfall amounts vary significantly by year and season. Last spring and this past summer was an exceedin ly wet year, and a few years ago we had water rationing. When we do get rain, however, it will frequently cause, flooding of the low areas. This does not normally affect any housing in the city, but is more significantly an affect on driving, as many roads run through low water crossings. If you do decide to move to the area (which I highly encourage you to do) never drive through water standing or running across a road (many lives have been lost in this area that way). Some people will complain that the area is hot. It is significantly cooler than most of the southern US, and only an average of 7 degrees hotter in the summer than Denver. Most of this past summer we were cooler everyday than New York.

    As far as entertainment, there are numerous plays and concerts touring and local in the city. There are many clubs and just north of the city in the Hill Country you will find some intersting Dance Halls where many country-western music greats got their starts (like Willie Nelson and George Strait)

    The city has a multitude of great restaurants, and world class shopping available. In the hill country you will find lakes and rivers which provide availability for boating, skiing, rafting, canoeing, and tubing. Also the area is home to one of the US' finest wine regions.

    The best part about San Antonio, in many peoples opinion, is that while growing into a major city, it has retained a lot of small town charm, and has a unique identity. The special fiesta flavor provided by the Tex-Mex blend of the cty makes the area a special place to live or visit. As the city is growing rapidly, there are a lot of employment opportunities in several segments. The South Texas Medical Center, USAA, the San Antonio Military Complex, the tourism industries, many tech and banking companies, significant real estate development and construction, and Toyota are all major employers.

    Hope you decide to move to SATX.

    (I will at this point make the obligatory comment about the 4 time NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs, which most of us in San Antonio love, are another reason to move to the city. This is comment is made inorder to comply with all SA responses to why should I move to SA questions).

    Welcome to San Antonio!!

    Source(s): SA Native (Incidentally, I also love the Spurs)
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    SA is a great place to live, rentals are very affordable

    the north central side is the high end side of town but the south side is growing very much.

    crime is OK, rain and tornadoes not the much

    but traffic is starting to get bad, lots of employment

    check out


    jobs and great local info

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    I have no idea, since I've never lived there. So you should check out www.city-data.com to find out about crime rates, traffic, employment, and a ton of other info.

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    That is my most favorite city in Texas. I'm moving back from Boston.

    Source(s): I have lived there.
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