Are there any famous people from your town or state?

I live in Michigan and this is who I could think of:



Henry Ford

Gerald R. Ford

Bob Seger

Soupy Sales

Kristen Bell

Tony Dungy (from my hometown of Jackson)

Mike Modano

Jeff Daniels

Those guys that wrote the Ameican Pie movies

Tony the Tiger

Aretha Franklin


Listening to Carrie Underwood made me think of the question!

Update 2:

I once kissed Bobby Vee!!!!

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    Earle Birney - poet

    John Glenn - Calgary's earliest recorded European Settler

    Alvin Law - motivational speaker

    Sam Livingston - Irish-born early settler in Calgary

    James Lougheed head of military hospitals during World War I

    Nellie McClung - writer and activist

    Ron Southern - founder of Spruce Meadows

    Laurie Skreslet - first Canadian to climb Mount Everest

    George F.G. Stanley - designer of the Canadian flag

    Ken Taylor - Canadian ambassador to Iran. Helped six Americans escape from Iran during the Iranian hostage crisis

    Abdul Traya - Successful Internet Entrepreneur, also founder of WestNet Wireless

    Robert Thirsk - astronaut

    James Gosling - creator of the Java programming language

    David Winning - film and television director

    Todd McFarlane - creator of the Spawn series of comics

    John Ware - pioneer rancher

    David Albahari - Serbian born author

    Theo de Raadt - Founder and head of the OpenBSD project

    Stephen Harper - Prime Minister of Canada - Resides in Calgary - Stephen Harper was born in Toronto.

    William Aberhart - former Premier of Alberta

    Richard Bennett - former Prime Minister of Canada

    Monte Solberg - Conservative politician

    Ralph Klein - former Mayor of Calgary and Premier of Alberta

    Peter Lougheed - former CFL player and Premier of Alberta

    Ernest Manning - former Premier of Alberta

    Normie Kwong - former CFL player and current Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta

    Stu Hart - professional wrestler, promoter and trainer

    Trevor Boys, NASCAR driver

    Owen Hargreaves - professional soccer player

    Bret Hart - professional wrestler

    Owen Hart - professional wrestler

    Teddy Hart - professional wrestler

    Dany Heatley - professional ice hockey player

    Kevin McKenna - professional soccer player

    Curtis Myden - Olympic bronze medalist swimming

    Chris Reitsma - professional baseball player

    Laurie Skreslet - first Canadian to climb Mount Everest

    Jason Smith - professional ice hockey player

    Mark Tewksbury - Olympic gold medalist swimming

    Mike Vernon - professional National Hockey League player

    Bad News Allen - professional wrestler aka Allen Coage

    Lance Storm - professional wrestler

    Don Cairns - professional National Hockey League player

    Nolan Baumgartner - professional ice hockey player

    Sheena Lawrick - Olympic softball player

    Peter Lougheed - former Premier of Alberta.

    Mark Rypien - Super Bowl XXVI MVP

    Jamie Salé - Olympic gold medallist skater

    Jim Neidhart - professional wrestler

    Natalie "Nattie" Neidhart- professional wrestler

    Chris Jericho - professional wrestler (lived in Calgary for many years after initially coming for pro wrestling training)

    T.J. Wilson - professional wrestler

    Harry Smith (wrestler) - professional wrestler

    Nate Burleson - professional football player - Seattle Seahawks

    Mark Astley - former NHL player

    Jann Arden - Singer

    Paul Brandt - Country music singer

    George Fox (musician) - Country music singer-songwriter

    Todd McFarlane - creator of the Spawn series of comics

    Nivek Ogre (real name Kevin Ogilvie) - vocalist for the industrial band Skinny Puppy

    Melissa O'Neil - 2005 Canadian Idol winner

    Elisha Cuthbert - actress (Although she moved to Montreal at a very young age, and remained there until she moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17)

    Paul Gross - actor

    Leslie Feist - singer-songwriter

    Roy Jenson - Actor

    Tegan and Sara - Musicians

    Rebecca Northan - actress

    Albert Howell - actor

    Peter Oldring - actor

    Pat Kelly - actor

    Tommy Chong - actor

    Heather Marks - supermodel


    from Lethbridge:

    Conrad Bain, actor

    Doug Barkley, hockey player

    Rosella Bjornson, first female pilot for a commercial airline in North America

    Bertram Brockhouse, Nobel Prize winner

    Ronnie Burkett, puppeteer

    Janet Cardiff, artist

    David Cormican, actor

    Gavin Crawford, actor

    Kent Derricott, actor

    Christopher Donaldson, screenwriter

    Joyce Fairbairn, Canadian senator

    Dar Heatherington, politician

    David Hoffos, contemporary artist

    Earl Ingarfield, Sr., hockey player

    John Krizanc, playwright

    Ernest George Mardon, educator and author

    Kari Matchett, actor

    Bill Matheson, meteorologist

    Anne-Marie Mediwake, broadcaster

    Julie Nolin, broadcaster

    Jamie Pushor, hockey player

    Duncan Regehr, actor

    Stacy Roest, hockey player

    Linda Smith, novelist

    Richard Stevenson, poet

    Doug Vogt, photojournalist

    Michael Wex, novelist & playwright

    from Edmonton :

    Emily Murphy - first female magistrate in British Empire and petitioned Supreme Court of Canada to allow women the vote. One of the The Famous Five (Canada)

    Nellie McClung - 1936 First woman appointed to the Board of Governors of the CBC. One of the The Famous Five (Canada)

    Russ Bannock - Canada's 2nd highest scoring ace of WWII

    Karl Clark - UofA professor and inventor of oil sands extraction technology

    Ieuan Evans - plant specialist responsible for the successful distribution of the Evans Cherry nationally and internationally

    Wop May - Pioneering aviator and bush pilot.

    Punch Dickins - Aviator and bush pilot, Dickinsfield neighbourhood named in his honour.

    Georges Bugnet - Poet and renowned plant breeder (moved to Edmonton from Rich Valley).

    Max Ward - aviator and founder of Wardair air lines.

    Ross McBain - founder of McBain Camera, founding president of the Edmonton Better Business Bureau, former president of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

    Terry Chen - Born February 3, 1975 in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Tommy Chong - Born May 24, 1938 in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Rae Dawn Chong, Born February 28, 1961 in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Michael J. Fox - Born June 9, 1961 in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Jill Hennessy - Born November 25, 1968 in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Nathan Fillion - Born March 27, 1971 in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Bruce McCulloch - Born May 12, 1961 in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Ron Pederson - Born January 8, 1978 in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Kenneth Welsh, Born March 30, 1942 in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Catherine Mary Stewart, Born April 22, 1959 in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Zillur Rahman John, Non-Verbal actor. Born November 02,1959.

    Tommy Banks, musician

    Beatrice Carmichael, Grand Dame of the opera

    Brion Gysin, artist and writer

    April Griffin, artist born in Edmonton

    Peter Hide, British-born sculptor, living in Edmonton since 1977

    Mel Hurtig, born June 24, 1932, is a Canadian publisher, author, and politician.

    Stewart Lemoine, playwright

    Marshall McLuhan, born July 21, 1911, in Edmonton, recipient of numerous awards and appointments

    Jessica Owen, singer, songwriter, and actress

    Cassius Khan, born June 7, 1974 Internationally renowned Indian Classical Tabla player/Ghazal singer

    Aaron Paquette, renowned visual artist of Native American and Scandinavian descent, born May 16, 1974 in Edmonton

    Jane Ash Poitras, First Nations artist who has garnered international acclaim

    Arthur Hiller, Hollywood film director and former president of the Director's Guild of America

    W.P. Kinsella, Author of "Field of Dreams" and tournament Scrabble player

    Zillur Rahman John [Bangladeshi Canadian, Internationally renowned telented Mime and Pantomime Artiste,Director,Teacher,Researcher and Author of several Mime and Pantomime Books]

    Chris Benoit, professional wrestler

    Mac Colville and his brother Neil Colville - early stars in the NHL.

    Michelle Conn, field hockey player

    Grant Fuhr, ice hockey player born in Spruce Grove, Alberta, which is an Edmonton suburb

    Randy Ferbey, multiple Canadian and World Men's Curling Champion

    Jennifer Heil, freestyle skier born in Spruce Grove, Alberta

    Kelly Hrudey, ice hockey player

    Jarome Iginla, ice hockey player

    Cathy King, curler, from St Albert

    Rochelle Loewen, model who appeared briefly with the WWE

    Mark Messier, ice hockey player

    Scott Niedermayer, ice hockey player

    Fernando Pisani, ice hockey player

    Steven Reinprecht, ice hockey player

    Dion Phaneuf, ice hockey player

    Jay Bouwmeester, ice hockey player

    John "Red" Pollard, jockey of the famous horse Seabiscuit

    Gary Beck, two time world champion drag racer and member of the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame

    Jason MacDonald, UFC fighter

    Kelly Perlette, 1978 Light MiddleWeight Boxing Gold Medal at the Commonwealth Games

    Jordan Urlacher (1981 - )

    Francis G. Winspear, O.C., F.C.A., L.L.D. (1903 - 1997)

    Harry Hole

    Ralph King Hole, B.Comm. (1917 - 2007)

    Ada Hole (1925 - )

    Martha Henderson (1992 - ?)

    Nancy-Ann Hodgson (1994 - )

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    1 decade ago

    I live in Sydney Australia here is just a few I could think of that live and come from my home state, there are heaps more others but I don't want to hog all the space.

    Nicole Kidman, actress

    Hugh Jackman, actor

    Toni Collette, actress

    Cate Blanchet, actress

    Mel Gibson, actor

    Jacqueline Mc Kenzie, actress

    Hugo Weaving, actor

    Bill Hunter, actor

    Olivia Newton John, singer/actor

    Sam Elliot, actor

    Natalie Imbruglia, singer

    Tina Arena, singer

    Delta Goodrem, singer

    The Dyvinals ,Band

    Air Supply , Band

    Midnight Oil, Band

    The Veronicas, Band

    INXS, Band

    AC/DC. Band

    The Bee Gee's,Band

    Savage Garden,Band

    Russel Crowe, actor

    Judy Davis, actress

    Tim Draxl, actor

    Renee Zellweger, actress

    Heath Ledger, actor

    Naomi Watts, actress

    Claudia Black, actress

    Geoffrey Rush, actor

    Julian Mc Mahon. actor

    Jimmy Barnes, Singer

    Marcia Hinds, Singer

    Dominic Purcell actor

    Silverchair, Band

    Jennifer Hawkins - Model Miss World

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    I'm from the great state of Georgia and here are a few famous people that I can think of:

    Burt Reynolds

    Ray Charles

    Ty Cobb

    Julia Roberts

    Kim Basinger

    Martin Luther King

    Button Gwinnett

    Gladys Knight

    Juliet Low

    Little Richard

    Sugar Ray Robinson

    Jackie Robinson

    Ezzard Charles

    Margaret Mitchell

    Trisha Yearwood

    Travis Tritt

    James Brown

    Jimmy Carter

    Bobby Jones

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

    Kylie Minogue

    Cate Blanchett

    Eric Bana

    Guy Pearce

    Rachel Griffiths

    Portia De Rossi

    Jesse Spencer

    Cameron Daddo

    Louis Mandylor

    Barry Humphries (aka Dame Edna Everidge)


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Bobby Vee singer

    Lynn Anderson singer

    Angie Dickinson actress

    Lawrence Welk bandleader

    David Jones former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff

    Eric Sevareid newsman

    Phil Jackson basketball coach

    Peggy Lee singer

    Louis L'Amour western writer

    Ann Sothern actress

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  • brenn
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    1 decade ago

    Ned Betty- "Deliverance" other movies

    Annie Potts- "Designing Women" "Ghost Busters" others

    Sue Grafton- Author of the ABC Kinsey M. novels

    Phil Simms- Quarterback

    All from Louisville, KY

    From Kentucky:

    George Clooney

    Johnny Depp

    The Judd's- Ashley, Winona & mom

    Tom T Hall

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Not very exciting but here goes...

    Tim Allen

    Douglas Fairbanks

    Jessica Biel

    Kerri Russel

    Matt Stone and Trey Parker (The South Park guys)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Marilyn Monroe(Norway)

    Gustav Vigiland

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  • Mo
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    1 decade ago

    Kanye West Mom was from here.

    Will Rogers

    Tisha Campbell

    Reba McIntire

    Carrie Underwood

    Garth Brooks

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  • 1 decade ago

    My nephew Anthony Lerew was called up to pitch for the Atlanta Braves--not famous yet, but he's working on it!

    Oh, and anyone who's seen the PA Lottery commercials (stupidest commercials on earth!!!!) knows that Gus, the second-most famous groundhog is from PA.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In my little town there was the guy who was President of the US for a day...can't remember his name. In my state...way too many to think of this early in the morning. Harry Truman would be the most famous, then there is Jesse James..etc etc etc

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