What are the names of the major hospitals in San Antonio?

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    There are several

    under the Baptist Health System


    Baptist Medical Center

    North Central Baptist Hospital

    Northeast Baptist Hospital

    Southeast Baptist Hospital

    St. Luke Baptist Hospital

    and other facilities

    Under the Methodist Healthcare System


    Methodist Hospital

    Methodist Children's Hospital of South Texas

    Metropolitan Methodist Hospital

    Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital

    Northeast Methodist Hospital

    Methodist Ambulatory Surgery Hospital-Northwest

    Texas Transplant Institute

    Methodist Cancer Center

    Methodist Ambulatory Surgery Center - Medical Center

    Methodist Ambulatory Surgery Center - North Central

    Methodist Healthcare System & Methodist Women's Center

    Methodist Boerne Medical Center

    Methodist Stone Oak Hospital (March 2, 2009 Scheduled Opening)

    Under Christus Santa Rosa


    Christus Santa Rosa Hospital City Centre

    Christus Santa Rosa Children's Hospital

    Christus Santa Rosa Medical Center Hospital

    Christus Santa Rosa Rehabilitation Hospital

    Under the Nix Health System


    Nix Medical Center

    other facilities

    The Texsan Heart Hospital


    Under the Unversity Health System


    University Hospital

    under San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC)


    SAMMC North (at Brooke Army Medical Center)

    SAMMC South (at Wilford Air Force Medical Center)

    Southwest General Hospital


    Additionally there are several, smaller and specialty (such as psychiatric facilities) hospitals in the city and also several fine hospitals in the surrounding counties.

    Source(s): SA Native
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    Northeast Baptist, Southeast Baptist, Brooks Army Medical Center, Wilford Hall, Humana, Santa Rosa, and Universal Hospital.

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    BAMC (brooks army medical center) and santa rosa

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