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is pizza good for healthy life?

is pizza good for healthy life?

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    Pizza is good for you!!!!

    GEEKS WORLDWIDE might rejoice to hear that pizza keeps you fit.

    Researchers from Italy say they have found that diet of regular pizza can help fend off cancer.

    The study suggests that tomatoes and olive oil found in pizza are the sort of active ingredients that help to fight cancer. But boffins are hesitant to extend the healthy label to soggy, doughy concoctions.

    In a sample of over 8,300 people, the study showed cancer was more prevalent amongst those who didn't eat any pizza.

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    I mean, just take a look at it! The layer of oil that coats the pan of the pizza is already enough to fatten you by so much. And that is just the PAN. Look at your pizza. Next time try patting them with a napkin and see how many pieces it takes for you to completely suck out the oil in them.

    And your cholesterol level would go up. Way up. And what does it end up to? An early death.

    Come on, no fast food (pizza included, of course) is healthy. Unless of course, it's home made. Now that, is another thing.

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    Absolutely not. Cheese is terrifically bad for you. Most of the toppings (heavily processed sausage, pepperoni, bacon, etc) are not terribly good for you, especially when coming from a fast food place. The crust, especially at a fast food place as well, is also not good for you, and is also frequently doused in olive oil (wherever you go).

    Pizza is junk food, plain and simple. There is no way to make it compatible with health food, unless you subtract the crust, the cheese, and the processed meat-based toppings. And that leaves you with... air and veggies. Both of which are actually pretty good for you.

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    Pizza can be a healthful option for you!

    The tomato sauce is excellent for you!

    If your careful with the other ingredients, pizza can be good for you.

    You want to make sure your crust is as minimal (thin) as possible. If you can palate it, whole wheat crust would be the best.

    With the cheese, you will want to try a reduced fat cheese. A way to make the reduced fat cheese more appetizing is by using reduced fat mozzarella and sprinkling regular romano on top of it. It offers more depth in terms of taste.

    As for the toppings, spinach is excellent. What you would want to do with the spinach is put a lot of it on. Ideally, you want more spinach than cheese. Especially if you just can't stand the low fat cheese, and you splurge with the regular cheese.

    If you don't like spinach. there are many other options for toppings. There's Chicken (one of my favorites with barbecue sauce instead of standard tomato sauce). There's also onions, peppers, mushrooms, olives, and pineapple.

    Its fun to explore different ways of making pizza healthful!

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    Usually someone would say, it's not about what you eat, it's about how much. But, pizza is greasy so no it's not good, but if you HAVE to eat it, try a veggie pizza and maybe find a recipe for a low-fat crust.

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    Depends on the amount and kind of pizza your eating.

    Thin crusted that is hand made with a light sauce and cheese/ chicken/tofu, and lots of veges isn't necessarily bad if your eating in moderation (read: 1-2 slices) and your modifying your meals for a few days around your splurge.

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    Not just NO, but HELL no.

    Only partially baked dough is one of the very worse things a person can put in their stomachs.

    And all that tomato sauce: loaded with refined sugar, vinegar and Cayenne; a terrible mixture.

    You would be much better off with a good salad, and a McDonald's ice cream cone, or whatever.


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    My 23 year old staff live on pizza & beer. He had to quit work for 6 months to concentrate on his health because he is overweight with high blood pressure, high sugar level in his blood and high cholestrol. His doctor told him that he has a body of a 45 years old. So go figure...

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    there's certainly no pizza food group, but you can handmake it so it's healthy using homemade pizza sauce, whole wheat dough, turkey meats, and lots of veggies.

    pizza from Dominos or Papa Johns? no, it's not good for a healthy life.

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    Pizza can actually be quite healthy, as long as it's not loaded with sausage, pepperoni, and bad meats like that. Also, use a low-fat cheese instead of regular cheese. Keep your pizza loaded with vegetables like green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes, and it's actually a very healthy dish.


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