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Hey there, I am 15, and am interested in a career in, Computer Programming, Computer Science, or Software Developement. I have taken an official course in BASIC, and am taking a course in Java this summer. I have completed web Design 1 and 2, I know HTML XHTML, and am trying to teach myself C. (Im going to try and find a course I can take in C, or at the very least something to take after JAVA).

My question is this, is thier a good chance I can succesfully get a career in one of the three areas I listed, and if so which one is the best, and what are the differences?

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    1 decade ago
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    When I was 15 I wanted to be a physician. Six years later I am about to graduate with my B.S. and enter into a top tier tech school for my masters degree in IT.

    I advise you join professional organizations as a student member, I belong to ACM and IEEE. The profession of being a programmer will not be around much longer (in this country), so I highly recommend you go for software engineering/development. Learn math theory, you will sure need it.

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    I'm not a developer or computer scientist myself. But I have experience in the commercial sides of many IT companies. I think if you are fifteen, chances are that by the time you enter the workforce, the programming landscape will have changed significantly and you may have to learn new skills or upgrade your current skills continually. The bottom line: Do what you interests you most, because imho nobody knows with certainty whats going to be more useful by taht time. At any rate Programming is an excellent career choice and I you will do well if you are good at it and enjoy it.

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