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NHL Collectibles?

How much are NHL Action Players 74/75 sticker book with all the stickers worth also The wonderful world of nhl nhl players photo album from 73 with all the stickers worth

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    The NHL Action Players 74/75 book is not a sticker book, you had to glue the players into their slots.

    If you have the book (distributed in Eastern Canada by Loblaws) and all the players in their right slots, and the book is in excellent condition (no missing pages, no broken spine, etc) the book is valued at between $250 and $1000. However, 99% of the books have broken spines, or the players weren't cleanly separated along their perforations, and this brings the value of a complete book down to less than $100.

    Source(s): CEO, Pamikard Incorporated
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    I can't give you a dollar amount, but they are worth very little. For some reason, the stickers and albums never caught on with collectors, even though they are from the same era and are even less common than cards from the same time. If the stickers are NOT in the album you might have $20 worth or so, but if you've put the stickers in the book, the value is very small. It's too bad.

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    I have a Braden Holtby game used hockey stick, signed by 9 players. I can identify 5, maybe 6 of them. The goalie stick has a silver hologram sticker on it with the number 12590. With the Caps logo in the middle of the sticker. A C.O.A. card with the same sticker, with a date and a signature.

    Is there a website I could go to check the number, to get on info on the stick? like game(s) it was played with, the team players that signed and the signature on the C.O.A. Card?

    I bought this piece at a benefit auction, I don't know much about sport collections but it seemed like a nice piece at a good price and the cause was a good one. So if someone could point me in a direction for my question I would be thankfully.

    And if there are any reputable appraisal firm in DC, Baltimore, Richmond, Charlotesville area

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    i have series 16 1973 NHL Players Photo Album sum of the players were Brian Glennie(TOR), Mike Murray(ST.L), Gerald Hart( N.Y. Isl) and other,How much is this collection worth

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