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are asian carp edible?

national geographis reports that the asian carp have invaded the illinois river and are eating up too much alergy. i wanted to know if the the fish were edible and suggest eating them as a solution. are they tasty? are they too bony? do they have any valuable oils or eggs?

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    Yes, they are bony but are sold to Asian markets. If you know how to clean and prepare them right, I hear they are alright.

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    Yes, if cooked properly. I personally don't know any recipes as I've never had Asian Carp myself but I heard smoking them is pretty good. Most people consider them trash fish so then that means that they are trash for eating. I would look up some recipes for them if you're considering eating them. Good luck fishin'!

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    Yes, they are edible, get cooking information from your local Chinese take-away.

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