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How much do you have to weigh or how tall do you have to be to sit in the front seat that has airbags?

I live in BC Canada and I reakky want to sit in the front but I don't know the qualifications to sit in the front. Like how much do you have to weigh or how tall do you have to be....

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    It definitely is not a height issue! Automatic airbags are based on weight and in most of the cars that I have test-driven were set to engage at 70-80 lbs depending on the brand.

    The general rule of thumb according to the NHTSA is children under the age of 12 should be in the back seat which is just completely arbitrary and there isn't a standard weight for automatic airbags yet because they do not exist in every car on the road.

    A small adult under 70 pounds should also not be in the front seat.

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    You should be at least 80 pounds or more to sit in the front.How tall you are however does not matter but you should be at least 41/2 feet tall.You also have to be at least 12 or higher.If you are under any of these then you should sit in the back seat.If you are just a little kid then sit in the back in a car seat.But if you are older then 12 at least 41/2 feet tall and at least 80 pounds then you can sit in the front seat.

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    It really depends on the brand of the car. But usually 4'5 and 80 lb.

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    I believe that you should be 13-years-old and weigh 85-95 pounds and at least 5'0

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    i think that u should be 4ft 11 to sit in the front and weigh 80lbs

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    well my sister is 4'5 and weights 65 lbs and sits in the front seat with an airbag if that helps

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    100 pounds

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