Wii Guitar Hero 3 Guitar Buttons?

One of my friends bought the Guitar Hero 3 for Wii, and I noticed the buttons kinda weren't as loose (as in easy to push down and slide your fingers across) as those of my PS2 guitars. My brother and I recently bought a Wii, and we're looking to get GH3 for it, but I wanted to know if this problem is occuring with anyone else's Wii Guitar, cause it wouldn't be too much of a problem with Easy and Medium modes, but I play Expert, and its irritating because it isn't fluent, and you can't hit notes that you normally would be able to. Help? :3

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    This seems to be a pretty common problem. Just get another controller. If it's sticky, trade back till you get 1 that feels right.

    Good luck! =]

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    I have the same problem with my Wii guitar. I love GH3 on the Wii, but hate the guitar. I love the handling of the PS2 guitars. It sounds like I will have to take my guitar back and see if I can trade it for one that is more "loose". I am glad that I am not the only one with this problem. Let us know if you get a guitar that is better. Thanks

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    Ok Dan...Some people prefer to stay LOYAL to a gaming company such as Nintendo (I love Nintendo I kinda of hate xbox because they can actually destroy a disc, and PS3 are EXPENSIVE!! so is you don't like Nintendo then that's fine just keep the negative comments to yourself) Anyways Answering the question If the yellow button is broken try leaving it alone (yes I understand this sounds completely stupid but mt DS Lite's R & L button sometimes stick and all I do is find something else to do for awhile and after about a week they work just fine) but if this doesn't work try calling Nintendo up and telling them you're sitcuation (My Wii wouldn't read discs but I called up Nintendo and they fixed it for me for free I didn't even have to pay for shipping) and if this doesn't work then I guess you will HAVE to buy a new one.

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    it's not really a problem because it's actually normal that they kind of upgraded that feature from the guitar hero 2 but it may be just your friend's guitar because i beat the game on expert and the handling was great.

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  • 1 decade ago

    mine isnt like that it is actually pretty loose i guess. maybe try another copy

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