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Is it weird/bad for a 17 year old guy to date a 14 year old?

Well, there's this girl that really likes me, and i like her too, but i didnt find out until yesterday that she's only 14. If you look at her, she looks 15 almost 16. The only problem is what people will think of us dating. I really want to go out with her, but im not sure if i should or not... And if it makes any difference, i'm still 16, but im gunna be 17 on the 28th.

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    okay, the 1st girl to answer this is an IDIOT.

    It's not weird, if you really like here what's the problem?

    If you like her enough to not care what people will say [no one will say anything unless they are jealous or stupid] then go for it.

    It's legal so you got that one.

    Plus I dated a 19 year old when I was 14.

    I am really matture for my age and he did at one point thought it was weird when it hits you but trust me it isn't a big deal, I loved him a lot and we are still dating.

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    Age gap is actually a huge deal at this age. 14 and 17 is a huge gap and worlds apart. Think about these things - A 17 year old can drive, a 14 year old cannot - A 17 year old is almost in college, a 14 year old is barely in high school - In a year a 17 year old can legally smoke and go clubbing, a 14 year old cannot - A 17 year old will be an ADULT in a year, a 14 year old will not. I understand that you know this boy but i personally would not condone this because I've been in this situation and i ended up hurt that's all, and I would hate for that to be your case... However if you do follow through with it make sure you look for anything that seems not right and address it right away it'll prevent issues in the future. I am 16 talking to an 18 year old in the grade above me (i have a late bday) and even that is a world away.

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    No I don't think it's bad at all. If you like her and she likes you then there's nothing to like be ashamed of. Resect is very important in this situation as your over 16, and yeh I won't go into details and everything but I think you know what I mean. Anyway it doesn't matter what oher people think, it's Your choice.

    I know people that have gone out with people with the same age difference so your not the only one. Hope this helps xx

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    The 3 -year age difference isn't a problem. But sex at 14 is simply too early. 15 minimum, preferably 16 for that.

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    that age different is perfect! and stop thinking about what others may think, all that matters is how YOU think of it -- the problem would be if you were over 18 =P

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