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Wash vs TB predictions?


closest gets the 10 pts

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    Tampa Bay should win this game and it should go under the total. Tampa is 4 and 1 against the spread their last five home games. Washington has an average to weak offense scoring 20 points a game. Tampa only allows 15 a game.

    Washington's running game will be neutralized by the Tampa defense. Final score: Tampa 17 Washington 13.

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    Washington 24, Tampa 21.

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    I thought I'd never say this, but Campbell is pretty impressive so far. I mean, maybe it's because of the comfort of Portis behind him or whatever...However, I'm going to say TB. Everybody was shocked at how good Campbell did against Dallas, but the thing is...Dallas secondary just isn't that great, TB is a bit tougher and I predict that Campbell stumbles a little in this game, and so will Portis.

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    I think that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will win, because they have too good of a defense against this Washington Redskins offense.

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  • WSH 27 TB 14

    Source(s): Former TB fan until they canned Dungy. They will have to win me back but only after the ownership is dead and the coach is gone. I will be waiting a long time. But Tampa is always home.
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    I predict the Redskins in an upset. I like the Skins, they gave Dallas fits.

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    Tampa Bay 20

    Washington 16


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    redskins. I can't see them dropping to 5-6. after watching that game last week against the Boys should me they do have what it takes to win game if the WR can catch the ball.

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    TB 22---Wash.-19

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    1 decade ago

    Washington -13

    Tampa Bay - 27

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