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Need some LUSH product advice!?

I'm pretty new to the whole LUSH scene but love their products. I don't have one near me so dont go often but my dad's going next week so I'm getting him to pick me up some stuff.

I have acne prone skin which gets oily but the top layers of skin are also very dry.

So I'm planning on buying 50g of Fresh Farmacy and 50g of Angels on Bare Skin. I'll try the FF for a while on its own but then if my skin gets too dry I'll only use it at night and use AOBS in the morning.

What I need is a good moisturizer so what's best for my dry/oily acne prone skin from the following list:





I've heard Gorgeous is good too but there's no way I'm spending £35 on a moisturiser! I think I'll be able to get 2 samples so which ones should I go for?

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    enzymion is good for oily skin

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    I love Lush stuff but not keen on Imperialis moisturiser, I find it takes ages to sink into the skin - seems to sit like a layer. My skin is normal with T-zone oiliness and some occasional dry patches.

    I would go with the other recs for Celestial or other products.

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    I love and buy almost all LUSH products. However if you have acne, do not use their face care as it may break you out. I know this from experience. Their products rock but their facial care really did a number on about five of us girls at work. We all went together and bought everything, rotated each product a week each and then all had to go to the dermatologist. It is embarressing as a 35 year old to have severe acne when I have never had it before.

    I really love macs face care as it is clean and has no smell. I have seriously tried every brand on the market. If you can afford it Patricia Wexler's line from bath and body really is the best. I have a friend that works in the industry. Good luck!

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    Hi I order Lush online as I dont have a store where I live either, the thing is even thought they are natural they dont nesscary suit everyone.

    I have combination skin and my first cleaners I tried from Lush was Aqua Marina, it was brilliant, but when that ran out, I use fresh pharmacy, I didnt think much of this and it went to mush lol, but then as I read alot about Angels on Bare skin I thought I deffo give it a go, and I wish I hadnt as it turns out I am allergic to lavander which is an ingredient in this product and in most of Lush products which I am also allergic too lol so it made my spotty skin ten times worse, I know it might not bother your skin but its not worth paying the price of it for it not to work.

    So out of the cleansers I would recommend Aqua Marina or if you want something for lots of spots herbalism as this contains no lavander at all and suppose to help. As for the mositurisers I have only tried Imperialis and didnt like it as it brough my skin out in blothches lol but like I said it might not do to you.

    I would also like to add that Baby face is great for removing eye make up,

    Did you know that the Lush website has a forum, I go on there quite alot and they have a swap section, which means people buy or sell things they dont want Lush or none lush,

    If you have things you would like to swap or if you wish to buy you could put a post up asking if someone will please give you a sample of the products you are wanting and they will reply if you have something to swap them for or the price you are wishing to buy them for.

    This way you will know what you are getting before you buy,

    just go to and go to the stairs to get to the forum

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    I've been buying Lush products for quite a while and I also have very dry skin. I use their Olive Oil soap to was with - very gentle but deep cleansing. Olive Oil is a natural healer and it also contains black pepper which heals too. Try their website to get some feedback.

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    Coalface is meant to be a great cleanser for acne prone skin too. I need to go get me some!

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    Lush is really good. I don't know much about it myself but any of those have to work. Their products are all natural so it won't do anything worse to your skin unless your allergic to the ingredients. Make sure to ask your dad to check if there is anything you are allergic to in it. As for which one to buy, i say go for the cheapest and buy another just in case. All of them work pretty well.

    Good Luck!

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    I have been using a combination of Herbalism (cleanser which is amazing) and Celestial for quite a while now, and they have really worked for my sensitive skin.

    I would go for Celestial, as I love its cakey smell and it really keeps me oil free but hydrated. I think it would be good for you because a stronger moisturiser might aggravate your skin, and Celestial is designed to be gentle.

    Hope you get what you want, and you could always shop online at :D

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    I used this face mask and it was brown colored. it was called cupcake and it smelled like chocolate :) it made my face feel really nice and smooth after also it cleared black heads and small bumps. I spent 7 dollars on it and it was well worth it!! you have to keep it in the fridge but really, it dosnt matter much! good luck hoped it helped

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    You can buy online, lush has their very own online store.

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