Which bike is better, Hero Honda Glamour or Bajaj XCD 125? in terms of maintainance and comfort??

i want to know which bike will be the better choice to buy among hero honda glamour and bajaj XCD 125. i know the better mileage of XCD. But i am very confused in terms of maintainance, comfort and long term reliabiality between both. Since i have heard that bajaj bikes shows various problems after 2 or 3 years and have starting problems also. so give me suggestion. plese reply me soon. thanks in advance to all those who try to solve my problem!!

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    1 decade ago
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    O.K. for me it is the Honda, I been around bike's all my life.

    Too many reasons to list. Honda puts out a superior machine;)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hero Honda

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  • 4 years ago

    The discover 125 is a good bike. If you don't trust it, then go for the glamour. The new 125 cc bike from TVS is worth a look.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Honda is always your best bike to own

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  • 1 decade ago

    if its possible to get past Sundance and Flamboyance go for Honda

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  • 1 decade ago

    Neither - buy a real bike - HARLEY ALL THE WAY!!!!

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  • SWT
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    HONDA, HONDA, HONDA, HONDA, annd if I wasnt clear enough.....HONDA!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Giving details about both the bikes, make your pick

    Bajaj XCD

    The Bajaj XCD DTS-Si 125 cc is easy to control, easy on the pocket, and a good choice for a 125 cc motorbike. The 125 mm telescopic front suspension combined with the swing arm with 5-step adjustable SNS suspension at the rear provides smooth and comfortable rides; while alloy wheel rims add flamboyance to the strong diamond frame body. The added engine power gives the Bajaj XCD DTS-Si 125 cc has a greater performance edge over 125 cc alternatives. The new technology allows better fuel combustion and gives a mileage of 109 kmpl. The folding number plate is a cool idea and the electric start without a kick works like a charm.


    * Lean, masculine styling with a Diamond frame body

    * Headlamp with prismatic pilot lamps

    * Digital Speedometer console

    * Folding number plate

    * 17 inch premium alloy wheels add flamboyance

    * Integrated LED tail lamp and fluid grab rail design


    * Easy speeding up to 90 kmph on a good road

    * Awesome acceleration

    * TRICS III ignition allows instant engine start up even in chilling weather

    * 4-Speed constant mesh transmission

    * DTS-Si minimizes knocking drastically

    * Engine delivers 9.53 Kw @ 7000 rpm

    * Maximum Net Torque is 10.85 Nm @ 5000 rpm

    * ExhausTEC - Torque Expansion Chamber for exhaust system helps enhanced torque at low revolutions-bike can be run at low speeds without stalling the engine or jerking or compromising performance at higher revolutions

    * 17 in premium alloy wheels provide more agile handling and quick turn-in

    * Alloy wheels provide greater balance and road holding abilities

    * Wet, Multi disc type clutch is highly powerful

    * Microprocessor controlled Digital CDI ignition system increases overall performance

    * Electric Start/Kick Start enhances control

    * Front brake Hydraulic Disc Brakes allow instant braking and enhances safety

    * Mechanical expanding shoe drum type rear brakes

    * Turn indicator


    * Seat and Handle bars are positioned to provide a comfortable riding posture

    * Telescopic front and antifriction brushes provides comfortable riding

    * 5 step adjustable SNS rear suspension (adjustable) with dual coaxial springs create riding comfort both for the rider and your partner on the pillion

    * Engine becomes High Knock resistant at high throttle positions due to TRICS III

    * 35w Optroprism - Halogen lamp gives clear forward vision

    * LED tail lamp

    * Gear changing is easy with 4 frontal gears to speed up and 4 back gears to slow down

    * Lockable seat increases stability and control

    Mileage and Economy

    * High mileage reasonable power, 109 km/l under standard test conditions of manufacturer

    * Keihin CV carburetor gives more mileage

    * Engine mass is light and reduced frictional losses increase mileage and speed

    * DTS-Si & TRICS III: The microprocessor memory chip manages accurate ignition timing at all levels of engine load optimizing power and leading to greater derivability

    * The twin spark plugs introduce spark simultaneously in the combustion chamber leading to lower emissions, and better fuel efficiency

    * DTS-Si enables motorcycles to achieve stringent Emission Norms without Secondary Air Induction device and Catalytic Converter

    * DTSI Prevents engine damage by cutting sparks to the spark plugs at high rpms

    * ExhausTEC (Torque Expansion Chamber) aids in getting greater mileage at lower speeds

    * Lesser road resistance due to lesser road contact area on account of seventeen inch wheels

    * Alloy wheels are highly resistive to impacts, are free from rusting, are easy to clean and maintain, and saves the inner surfaces of wheel tubes, leading to low maintenance costs

    With Hero Honda Glamour, the name tells all. Bikers who prefer stylish looks in bikes to come with four essential attributes - reasonable price, ease of handling, good after-sales maintenance support and acceptable resale value - love this exceptionally good-looking bike. The new Hero Honda Glamour looks all the better with enhanced graphics and other details and continues to sell to the discerning. Hero Honda Glamour is available in self-start (129 kg) and kick-start (125 kg) versions


    * Tubular double cradle type body frame

    * Trendy Visor

    * Large macho petrol tank with eye-catching graphics

    * Elegant Tri-pod head panel

    * Black alloy wheels

    * Black painted engine chain and case

    * Body colored rear grip

    * Body colored louvers on visor

    * Body colored rear view mirror

    * Catchy design of smoke exhaust and guard

    * Mind-blowing red and black visual contrasts

    * Voluptuous front fairing

    * Dual-tone theme on the front mudguard and chain guard

    * The side and rear panels blend well with each other


    * Maximum speed is 120 kmph

    * Powerful pick-up increases with servicing

    * Quantum core air-cooled, four-stroke and single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 124.7 cc

    * Max power 6.72 KW @ 7000 RPM

    * Self/Kick start, Weight: 125 kg (kick) 129 kg (self)

    * Extremely well-balanced

    * Low engine noise

    * Super smooth four speed constant mesh gears

    * Front brakes: 240 mm Disc with Non asbestos type pad, Drum brakes are internal expanding shoe type

    * Rear brakes: Internal expanding shoe type drum brakes

    * Multi-plate wet type clutch


    * 35w, multi-reflector type halogen bulb enhances night riding safety

    * Good balance and low engine noise

    * Comfortable seats good for both the family and the solo rider

    * Thicker tyre increases bike stability

    * Driving is smooth in all gears

    * Telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers at front

    * Swing arm hydraulic shock absorber at rear

    * Relaxed posture,- cornering manners are excellent

    Mileage and Economy

    * Large fuel tank capacity of 13.6 lts saves frequent visits to the petrol pump

    * Average user reported mileage varies from 55.2 kmpl in the city to 58.3kmpl on highways - dealers claim 60-62 kmpl

    * Current company policy provides six free services

    * Side draft variable Ventura (Piston) carburetor provides reliable support

    * Advanced microprocessor ignition system (AMI) aids optimal combustion and saves fuel

    * 18 inch alloy wheels have low maintenance being rust-free, and impact resistant

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