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Participle phrase


C2 he was dismissed from her job. She had made a lot of mistakes.

D2:Having made a lot of mistakes, she was dismissed.

(participle phrase-->first action)






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    Having hit by a car, he was sent to the hospital

    Having beat up his little brother, he was grounded.

    Having lain to his tacher, he was kept for detention.

    Having failed all his subjects, he needed to re-take his exams,.

    Having preformed well on stage, he was chosen to be the winner.

    Having skipped 2 months of classes, he was expelled.

    Having litter on the floor, he was given a sentence.

    Having sworn in front of his teacher, he was sent to the office.

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    having stole a car, he was sent to jail.

    having hit her classmates, she was punished.

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