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have a bite 跟take a bite有什麼差別

have a bite

take a bite


還有have a bite to eat 跟have a bite 又是差在哪呢??



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    但是真要分的話,have a bite 比較像是「來咬一口」,take a bite像「去咬一口」或是「去嚐一口」。其實都是叫人去吃那個東西的意思。如:

    He has a bite of the apple.(他咬了一口那蘋果。)

    He takes a bite of the apple.(他嚐了一口那蘋果。)

    而 have a bite to eat 和 have a bite 雖然意思上都是「去吃一口」,但是後面接的詞會不太一樣。如:

    I have a bite to eat the cake.(我在那個蛋糕上面咬了一口。)

    I have a bite of the cake.(我咬了一口那個蛋糕。)

    不論如何,那個蛋糕的下場就是被咬了一口... ...。

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    當你對單字的字義和用法有疑問時,若有機會查閱英英字典,興許能令你產生豁然開朗受益非淺之感,以下有關have, take, and bite等字彙的英文解釋,便是由Merriam-Webster’s 11th Collegiate Dictionary查閱到的,再加上簡單的中文譯註和例句。相信當你讀完他們之後便自然瞭解其差別在哪啦,對不?:


    to partake of (as of food or drink) <have dinner>; <have a piece>


    They had their lunch in a cafeteria.他們在一家自助餐廳吃了午飯。Have a cup of coffee, please.請喝杯咖啡。


    a: to receive into one's body (as by swallowing, drinking, or inhaling) <take a pill> b: to put oneself into (as sun, air, or water) for pleasure or physical benefit c: to partake of : EAT <takes dinner about seven>

    a:喝(水)、服(藥)、吸入b:享用(日光、空氣、或水) c:吃(飯、食物)

    She has to take sleeping pills every night.她每天夜裡都得服安眠藥。People in this locality used to take two meals a day.這兒的居民過去每天吃兩餐飯。


    FOOD: as a : the amount of food taken at a bite: MORSEL b : a small amount of food : SNACK < have a bite to eat >

    食物:如a :一口之量的食物,(食物的)一口、一片b :便餐、快餐,小吃

    He will have a bite to eat before resuming work.他將在吃一份快餐後繼續工作。I have a bite out of my apple.我咬了一口蘋果。

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