What gift can I get for a 11 & 12 year old girl for "Give a kid a christmas" gift.?

Each person in our office will buy a christmas gift for a needy child. This year I'm sponsoring 2 kids - 11 & 12 year old girls

Should I get them something fun for christmas like... lipgloss, nail polish, etc. Or should I get them something more usefull like socks, mittens, scarfs? I don't know who the girls are so I don't know what size they wear. I hate giving gift cards because I could probably find something worth more on sale than the value of a gift card.

What do you think... fun or practical?


Okay, great ideas but apparantly some people want specifics... This is a city-wide project, my office has over 6000 people in the 110 story building. The charity gives out thousands of gift tags with the child's age/gender (ages 2-16) so it is impossible to get information like clothes size/foot size/fave colour etc. If each person in my building sponsored one child that's 6000 gifts to be distributed all across the city (I'm sponsoring 2). This way, you won't get 5000 gifts for toddlers and not enough gifts for the teenagers.

Great ideas so far... I'm reading them all...

Update 2:

I wish I could give them ipods or MP3s but remember these kids are less fortunate so they won't have a computer to download music into the ipod.

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    I'd throw in both give like a cute hat and gloves set that is like $10 and some lip gloss, nail polish or some thing girly. Or if you wanted to go with just one or the other I would go with something fun because its Christmas and its always nice to have something thing fun to play with not just some socks but what ever you do I'm sure they will be very thankful. Merry Christmas! and god bless!

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    I think it could be a good idea to get them something fun and practical. You could get them a stocking and fill it with things that are practical like the mittens and scarfs and also with things that are fun like the lip gloss and nail polish.

    Also, since they are 11 and 12, if they are like most of the young girl population in America, they would love anything High School Musical or Hannah Montana.

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    Find out what she's into. What's her favorite band, what kind of movies does she like, is she a girly girl or a tomboy, does she play sports? If she has a phone maybe u could find out what kind and get her stuff for it... Like if it's an iPhone or if she has an iPod get her some cool cases,skins, or earphones. My 14 yr old sister loves anything that has zebra stripes and flip flops and anything electronic! Pillow pets are awesome too!! Yes, I'm 21 and I registered for one for a wedding gift and it was the coolest thing I got!! Good Luck!!!

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    Go to somewhere like ross or marshalls and buy the kid a whole lot of stuff. At these places you could buy a scarf, socks, mittens and girly type stuff all for under 20 dollars. These kids don't care that the stuff is a designer brand they will just be glad to get things. Merry Christmas!

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    They didn't get the kids' sizes? Geez!

    That kind of leaves you with cute little feminine things like you mentioned. When you hit the sales you can probably pick a little of each pretty cheap... some socks and some cute costume jewelry. Maybe a knit cap.

    Try poking through your own stuff to see if there is anything they might like that is just collecting dust.

  • a scarf and mittens to keep warm, a book to read, a few little lip glosses and nail polishes and a board game or something like that would be nice. that way they get fun and practical at the same time.

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    A scarf or mitten set would be good and practical

    but something fun would be nice too. Maybe a little purse filled with some nailpolish, hair stuff,etc might be good

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    Why don't you do a little bit of both? I'm sure you can find some fun mittens and scarfs, but I bet they'd also love some lip gloss and stuff like that.

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    How about a mix of fun and practical. Remember, these kids need some fun in their lives but there is also a chance that they are lacking in practical things. How about a hat with matching gloves (one size fits all) and some jewelry or make-up.

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    For children of this age and this situation, I think you could be fun and practical at the same time. Get something that they could use, but something that is worth it. Hats, mittens, scarves, purses, backpacks, etc. all have purposes and can be fasionable at the same time. Just a thought....

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