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Between Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh, who is more extreme in their views?

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    I think both are guilty of saying and doing some stupid things.

    Rush- his prescription drug scandal and well known drug dependancy, his half a dozen marriages and his stance on family values ( how that floats with his party is amazing) of course his 2004 embarrassing comments about Michael J Fox and Parkinson's. But hey Rush is never wrong...right. I'm sure two or three of his ex wives might argue that point. His tax problems as well as various sexual harrassment lawsuits...should i continue. I'm sure i will get some flames about this. oh well.

    Michael- deliberate misuse of information or the omission of facts in his several docu-films, the timing of their releases and the general elections. He may have an agenda but he needs to back up his facts. Mike-O is indeed a Sick-O.

    I don't think either one of them is anti american at all. They are just at opposite ends of the political spectrum. Expressing your personal views about a sitting government for some reason has always made folks call that person anti american but i dissagree. Even though i dont support Moore i dont feel he is a traitor at all. He just uses his money to influence his views just like Rush uses his to influence another.

    My problem is with those who are so afraid of extreme views to go as far as calling someone a traitor or anti-american. People said this about McGovern in the 70's and about Roosevelt in the 30's. Its crazy.

    We have room in this great country for all political and social views and thats what makes us so GREAT. thank god.

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    Rush Limbaugh. That this is even a question in America or that people somehow think they are on the same level says a lot about the political climate in America and the constant poisoning of public opinion by the regressive right.

    This is just one example how the right tries and succeeds in pushing the center of politics to the right where any left voice is immediately extreme or far left but anyone left of Rush Limbaugh can point to him and by comparison seem reasonable.

    They aren't in the same league.

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    What would it matter? Extremism is not by itself a bad thing. The label "extremist" is thrown around a lot as though deviating from popular opinion is such a horrible thing. The best thinkers (not that Rush or Moore are good thinkers) have always been "extremists" in rejecting popular assumptions. Looking at the thoughts and beliefs of the "average" American, I think the only hope for the future lies in one form of extremism or another. The positions which are commonly held today are "extreme" by standards of the past, and there is good reason to think that the positions of the future will be "extreme" by today's standards.

    So as for who is more extreme, I don't know, but I couldn't imagine a more pointless question. If you want to debate the merits of their positions, you need to analyze their arguments instead of labelling either as an extremist.

    Babe: An what independent agency would that be? Fox News? If you are going to make a claim like that you need to present the evidence.

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    Moore, while both are extreme Limbaugh often is factually accurate. Not nearly as accurate as his supporters believe, but still the majority of the time he gives reliable information.

    Moore puts out unadulterated fiction as factual.

    I've looked into a lot of their more extreme claims, as any good skeptic should. I can honestly state that every claim made by Moore that I've researched has been false. While Limbaugh has made some false statements surprisingly much of what he says is accurate.

    Of course the fans of either will deny that their icons ever err, but I'm just stating what I personally have learned.

    Source(s): Too much time spent researching things that I really shouldn't waste time on.
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    Michael Moore, you will never see him in an open debate! Rush Limbaugh is not extreme at all, if you take the time to listen to him. Liberals hate Limbaugh because he's right and it drives them nuts. Conservatives ignore Moore because he is nothing.

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    Michael Moore is someone who makes movies and believes he is helping to defend the American People.

    Rush Limbaugh is a disc jockey who has a radio show and believes he is helping defend the National Republican Party.

    Like all of us, we all believe in one thing or another. There is room for all of us and our opinions.

    Mine being that Rush is limited and has a narrow train of thought and vision. For those of you believe any one can call in , you are wrong they are screened and the broadcast does a tape delay for the purpose of editing.

    Also, you may find it interesting to note that he (Rush) has endorsed only one man for the Presidency of the United States and that was Pat Buchanan.


    So when it comes to extreme Rush wins hands down.

    Good Luck

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    This is an easy one that even libs have to concede on based on this easy evidence:

    Rush openly lets anyone call his show to disagree with him. It happens every day. He may debate with them, and he may have an unfair advantage in debate over the average person since he does this every day. But the lines are open for people to challenge him.

    Michael Moore edits his films with great bias, and when when attempts to challenge him are made by the opposition that he has refused include in his film he hides behind his lawyers.

    Moore by far.

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    Limbaugh is more extreme, and more dangerous to this country.

    Moore packages his propaganda as "documentaries" that are often biased, yet persuasive and entertaining.

    Limbaugh is nothing more than a ranting, raving madman chillingly reminiscent of Adolph Hitler. Limbaugh's wicked propaganda is inspired by hatred, bias, bigotry, distortions and out-and-out lies. The conservative-biased media allows insane people like Limbaugh, Coulter and Hannity to dominate the airwaves and brainwash people into believing his rubbish, just as Hitler's propagandists convinced Germans it was acceptable to gas six million Jews. It's only a matter of time until Limbaugh will be heard coyly suggesting that liberals - or anyone else who disagrees with him - be 'eliminated" as part of his "final solution". Limbaugh is a dangerous fanatic, who - just like Hitler, probably popped pills to escalate his rage. Moore is just an overly-plump dissenter. -RKO- 11/24/07

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    Since an independent agency has found Rush to be 98.8% correct, I would have to go with Michael Moore as the extreme liar.

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    Rush Limbaugh *sm*

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