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are there yellow vicodins?

are thier yellow vicodins if so how strong are they? and what are some of the numbers that might be on them? e.g. watson 387

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    There is a yellow hydrocodone. If it has a fancy V on one side

    and 36 01 on the other then it's 10 mg hydrocodone and 325 acetaminophen. Made by Vintage Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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    It is possible that her particular Part D drug plan dropped that drug. She should call around and see if any other Part D plans in her location will cover it. Personally, I tried it once for pain and it made me fall asleep and the pain was worse when I woke up. I never used it again. It is addictive and I would never touch it. This is Medicare web page to find another Part D plan in her area. She can then call each one and ask about Vicodin. If none of them cover it, she has to get a different drug.

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    No, they only come in white and they contain 5/500 of hydrocodone and acetaminophen respectively.However there could be other brands of hydrocodone wich are presented as yellow tablets.Vicodin tablets also have "Vicodin" Written in the back to make it hard to fake.

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