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I own a 2004 mazda rx8 with 35,742 i bought it used from chrysler, dodge, jeep bumper to bumper warranty and ive been having problems with heater,ac,light that tells the speed of fan never turns on,shocks and also i think something broke under the car my question is can i take my car to mazda and use my warranty there? also would i have to pay for shocks and whatever broke under the car? please help i bought the car 3 months ago

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Depending on the acual warranty, whether it's a manufactureres or after-market will determine where you take the car for repair. Your best best would be to call the warranty company and ask them if they pay with credit card or do they send payment, alot of companies don't want to wait for payment, which means you will pay then seek reimbursement. As for where to take it...ALWAYS go to the ones who are trained in that car line. Although suspension parts are similar on all makes and models it's always best to go to the ones who work on that brand on a daily basis. Take note, that "broken" parts will not be covered seeing that they are not defective.....a good advisor will use the word "worn" though to make sure it gets covered. Most extended warranies will have a adjuster inspect the vehicle IF the repairs exceed $500. Good Luck

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    Call a mazda dealer and ask--shocks are always your problem--good luck

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