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Dog with "floating knee" problem. . .?

I took my dog in a couple of weeks ago for a leg injury. The vet said that he had a "floating knee" (common for small dogs). We are looking to do the surgery to correct the problem in a couple of months (I can't stand to see him limp around like he does but we need to get the money together first) but is there any suggestion on what I can do help him through this time until the surgery. I have given him pain medicine when he has a flare up but you can tell that it's painful to him on a normal basis. Thank you in advance.

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    It is called a luxated patella. If he is in pain, confinement with pain medication is the best answer. Once the pain subsides, you can let him out to run and jump more, but if he is having problems, he should stay quiet in a crate or small area of a room where he can't run and jump on things. Most vets suggest MSM and glucosamine.

    Unless this is a stage three or higher I wouldn't have the surgery, but that is just my opinion. Did your vet tell you what stage it was?

    The knee has a grove where the patella or kneecap rides. If the groove isn't deep enough the patella "floats" out of place and back in putting stress on the tendons. It can eventually cause arthritis. The medical term is luxated patella. It is rated in four stages. Stage one really doesn't require treatment, and many small dogs have a stage one luxated patella. A stage two snaps out easily but will go back in easily too. A stage three is more difficult to replace and is out most of the time. A stage four is always out of place and does cause a lot of pain.

    Orthopedic surgery has become more common in pets because it is a great income maker for vets. But, having seen a lot of the dogs, I have to honestly say not all orthopedic surgery works well. Some vets are better than others. But even good vets are not God and the surgery does not create a perfect joint. Your dog will always have issues in the knee. A good vet can create a deeper groove to encourage the patella to ride in the joint better.

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    Aww, the poor thing! The sooner you can save up for the surgery, the better. I'll star this in hopes that someone who knows more about it will come along. I just had to say that you're doing the right thing in helping your dog out - thank you so much!

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    my terrier has the same problem sometimes. some dogs have it worse than others. it's when the kneecap doesn't stay in position (luxating patella). for my dog, i just stretch out her leg and it'll pop back in. for dogs that have problems with it alot, like yours, surgery is probably the best option.

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