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Which language is better?

German or Spanish?


Thank you very much!

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    I think Spanish is a better language to learn, since it is spoken by many people around the world, for example in South America such as Argentina, Paraguay, Spanish is widely spoken by about 500 million people, whereas German only spoke in Germany, Austria and may be some parts of Europe and some parts of South America by about 100 million people.

    Is that ok?

    Source(s): wikipedia + myself
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    Spanish is a better lanuagage to learn. Half of the American's population speak this language. And People in Mexico speak this language too.

    Also Spanish is fairly easy to learn. Some of the words are similar to English words. (e.g Eng: list Spanish: lista)

    I'm learning Spanish right now and I found it really easy. so I highly recommend you to learn Spanish.

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    Spanish. There are many developing countries in Latin America. A lot of opportunities if you know the language.

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