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    My dream job is to become the CEO of Microsoft company. In order to do so, I must study hard throughout my education endeavour. As you all can see, I have been doing so by maintaining my school marks through high personal standards. Upon graduating my this secondary school, I plan to immigrate to the United States to attend university there. The university that I would like to study in the most is Harvard. It is renowned worldwide and has an infamous Business program where the professors teach the class with real-life cases.

    Of course, to become a CEO, one not only has to study hard, but he also has to be involved in the community and learn about relationships. In my sparetime, I would volunteer at several places in order to build and expand my social network. By meeting people, we can share our experiences and learn from each other's mistakes. In turn, they may be there to help find a job in my dream company after I graduated.

    A good CEO has strong interpersonal skills and education records. I believe that I have perfect for this position and am currently strengthening my abilities in becoming one. Thank you!

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