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Wong asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

animal rights

animal rights Please consider whether or not there is anything that would be morally wrong to do to an animal. If there is, explain what would be wrong to do and why

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    Things that would be morally wrong to do to an animal, and why?


    Cruel pet owners might hit their animals, or abandon their pets when they feel bored with them. 不少人虐打自己的寵物, 或感厭倦時隨意拋棄牠們

    (BUT we should treat our pets as friends, because they are not our toys or slaves.

    If we really can't keep a pet, we should give it to someone who loves animals, or take it to SPCA)


    Do not leave pet dogs (mainly big dogs) alone at home for too long. 尤其是大狗, 須要大的活動空間, 不可長留牠們在細小的家居內或不理睬牠們

    (BECAUSE dogs get bored easily; they need to move around and play with their masters. It is cruel to them if you just give them food but pay no attention to them.)


    Many people kill or hurt animals cruelly just for money. 很多人殘酷地傷害動物謀利

    (e.g. elephants' ivory, sharks' fins, rhinos' horns and many other animals' skins have been removed by humans for art works, delicious soups, medicine, and women's fashion! The worst thing is that the process of removing the part that people want might cause a long time of suffering for the animal concerned. Elephants are quite well protected today, but many other animals are still sufffering because of human greed)


    Many animals are accepted as food, but they are ill-treated before being killed. 很多動物雖被社會接受可作食物之用, 但很多時牠們在被屠宰前都受到長時期殘忍對待

    (e.g. in many cases, chickens are kept in a small cage only for a long time; crabs are generally wrapped tightly and kept in fridge for sale. I hope the hawkers understand that animals need room to move around too.)


    Last but not least, some people torture animals only for fun. 有些人甚至以虐待生物作娛樂

    (e.g. naughty children might burn a cockroach they have caught to see and "enjoy" how it suffers until it dies; people also enjoy various kinds of animal fights, such as crickets and bulls. I hope those people understand that animals also feel the pain while they are "enjoying" the fight.)

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    Little or no food wastages

    Maximum weight gain / number of eggs laid

    Cheap eggs/ chicken meat


    *Chickens unable to behave naturally-


    *chicken LEGS may BREAK as bones unable to carry weight of rapidly gwowing bodies

    - Lots of chicken in small space, risk of DISEASE increased as many birds closely packed together


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