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急 ... 把中文食譜翻成英文食譜

拜託 ... 可以不要用翻譯機器嗎!?自己翻~我要做食譜

魚 ... 1-2條(海、淡水均可,600~1200公克)

蔥 ... 4支

薑 ... 2片

沙拉油 ... 5大匙

麵粉 ... 2大匙

油 ... 1份(煎炸用)

鹽 ... 1茶匙

醬油 ... 2~3大匙

酒 ... 1大匙

糖 ... 1大匙

味精 ... 1/4茶匙

水 ... 1飯碗(或高湯)

薑酒汁 ... 1大匙

作法步驟: 1.魚洗淨用紗布吸乾水份,並在魚身用刀劃深口刀紋(但如刺多的魚則不宜切刀口以免碎刺傷人)。 2.用醃料內外把魚身抹遍,約醃10分鐘。 3.醃好的魚以紗布包麵粉拍粉上身。 4.上粉的魚以熱油煎到略焦硬撈起。 5.去皮和根切小段,薑切寬絲。 6.把調味料全混合在一起。 7.炸鍋中放油5大匙先薑絲落略爆香,再倒下調味料略滾起放下魚加蓋煮2分鐘。開蓋翻過魚身加再煮2分鐘就可熄火略燜1~2分鐘即可盛用。 8.喜辣味者可加紅辣與薑絲同爆。 9.在冬天時可略加芡粉勾芡成羹狀湯汁能保溫而味更美。10.如魚刺多或十分新鮮的魚,可不必上粉及先作煎炸,如此能吃到較純的魚鮮味。11.有些魚的鱗細小而緊密可先用滾水燙淋魚身一次,使鱗豎起易於刮去。

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    Fish ... 1-2 (sea , fresh water will do, 600- 120 gs)

    Spring onions ... No. 4 Branch

    Ginger ... 2 slices

    Salad oil ... 5 big spoons

    Flour ... 2 big spoons

    Oil ... A share (fry and use)

    Salt ... A teaspoon

    Soy sauce ... 2- 3 big spoons

    Wine ... A big spoon

    Candy ... A big spoon

    Gourmet powder ... 1/4 of the teaspoons

    Water ... A rice bowl (or soup-stock )

    Ginger wine juice ... A big spoon

    Step of way of doing things: 1.Clean fish suck by moisture content the universe by gauze,and whether at fish body draw mouth one hundred sheetses of line not dark knife (sting many fish the getting more unsuitable to last the edge of a knife so as not to breaking to pieces not stinging not hurting one's feeling). 2.With salting down material body fish wipe all over,salt down on the 10 minute nearly. 3.Salt the good fish down and make the flour and strike the powder upper part of the body with the gauze. 4.Fish's fever for Israel of having the powder is fried to oilily and slightly dragged for burntly and hard . 5.Skin and root cut little section, ginger cut silk wide. 6.Mix all the seasoning together. 7.Bomb pan put oil 5 big spoon ginger silk is it explode fragrant slightly to fall , fall down seasoning is it is it put down fish is it boil 2 minutes to add a cover to get up to roll slightly and then first. Can stop working and slightly braise and can be held and used in 1- minutes to turn over fish's body in 2 minutes when being added and boiled while uncapping. 8.The person who likes piquancy can be added and exploded with the ginger silk together red and hot. 9.Can starch is it succeed custard form soup juice can keep warm but beautiful flavor to thicken soup slightly at winter. 10.If a lot of or very fresh fish of fishbone, needn't have the powder and fry first , can have more pure seafood flavor so. 11.Some scale of fish can first with roll water hot to drench fish body once, make the scale easy to shave to hold up .

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