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Literary Roman expressions of distaste for the hunt and pity for the hunter*s quarry represent one historical source of modern anti-hunting sentiments,from Thomas More onward. Another ancient line of thought that is woven into those sentiments is the traditional Christian view of human beings as inherently wicked,and of nature as degraded by human sin, which introduced death and predation into the peaceable kingdom of Eden:

The World did in her Cradle take a fall, And turn*d her brains,and took a general maim Wronging each joint of th* universal frame.

The noblest part,man,felt it first; and than Both beasts and plants;curs*d

in the curse of man (Donne,**The Frist Anniversarie,** lines 196-200.)

A third ingredient was the hallowing of the forestn in medieval thought. For the Greeks and Romans,forests were generally threatening and scary places. The Greek and Latin words that mean **woodsy**(bylaios,sylvaticus) have the secondary meaning of**savage**.In early Christian thought,the wilderness is a sort of natural symbol of hell ,and the wild animals that live there in a state of perpetual rebellion against the sons of Adam typify demons and sinners in rebellion against God. But this image was undermined from the very beginning of the Christian era by the counterimage of John the Baptist and other hermit saints in the wilderness,attended by friendly wild animals that the saint*s holiness has restored to the docility of Eden. And since the wild animals treated the saints better than most people did,the odor of sanctity soon began to rub off on the forest creatures themselves.

In an apocryphal gospel of the eighth century,Jesus,being adored by wild animals,tursns to his friends and declares;**How much better than you are the beasts which know me and are tame,while men know me not**(James,1924).

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    對於對於獵人採石場的追捕和遺憾的討厭的文學羅馬人表達代表現代反狩獵情緒的一個歷史來源,從湯姆斯比較向前。 {對於對於獵人採石場的追捕和遺憾的討厭的文學羅馬人表達代表現代反狩獵情緒的一個歷史來源,從湯姆斯更向前的。} 進入那些情緒之內被針織的想法的另一條遠古線是人類的傳統基督視野同樣固有壞,和自然當做被降級的藉著人類罪,引導死亡和強奪進入伊甸園的溫順王國: 世界在她的搖籃中做了放水,和旋轉她的腦,而且帶了將軍使殘廢錯誤的全世界框架的每個接合。 {世界在她的搖籃做放水,和旋轉她的腦,而且帶了將軍使殘廢錯誤的全世界框架的每個接合。}

    最高貴的部份,男人,感覺它第一;和超過畜牲和植物;野狗 {最高貴的部份,配備人手,感覺它第一;和超過畜牲和植物;野狗}

    一種第三種成分是中古的想法的 forestn 的神聖。 對於希臘人和羅馬人,森林

    通常脅迫和容易受驚的地方。 {通常正在恐嚇和容易受驚的地方。} 意指的希臘和拉丁文的字森林的 (bylaios,sylvaticus)有中級的意義 ofsavage。 { 希臘和拉丁文的字哪一低劣的森林 (bylaios,sylvaticus)有中級的意義 ofsavage。} 在早的基督徒想法中,荒野是地獄的一種自然象而且野獸哪一活的在那裡在對抗亞當的兒子的永久謀反的狀態中代表對抗上帝的謀反的魔鬼和罪人。 {而且野獸哪一活的在那裡在永久謀反的狀態中對抗亞當的兒子在謀反方面代表魔鬼和罪人對抗上帝。} 但是這一個影像在最開始的時候在被聖徒神聖已經修復到伊甸園的順從的友好野獸參加的荒野中基督時代被約翰的櫃台影像施洗者和其他的隱士聖徒所暗中傷害。 {但是這一個影像在最開始的時候在被聖徒神聖已經修復到伊甸園的順從的友好野獸參加的荒野基督時代由約翰的櫃台影像施洗者和其他的隱士聖徒所暗中傷害。} 而且因為野獸比大多數的人更好對待了聖徒,神聖的氣味也是如此 { 而且因為野獸對待了聖徒比大多數的人好做,神聖的氣味也是如此}

    在被野獸崇拜的一個八世紀,耶穌的經外書福音中,對他的朋友的 tursns 而且宣布;多少比你更好認識我的畜牲而且是馴服的,當男人認識我不的時候. (詹姆士,1924) {在被由野獸崇拜的一個八世紀,耶穌的經外書福音中,到他的朋友的 tursns 而且宣布;多少比你更好認識我的畜牲而且是馴服的,當男人認識我不的時候. (詹姆士,1924)}



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