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Tracing back his history, he was introverted in nature. He started alcohol drinking when he was adolecent, beers initially, the amount was increased as times goes by, a bottle of 威士比 everyday now, withdrawal s/s with the presentation of anxiety, insomnia, palpitation was ever noted, failed alcohol quitting several times, a history of traffic accident after alcohol drinking was reported, and persist alcohol drinking in spite of abnormal liver function was told. The last alcohol drinking was this noon. When approaching, no alcohol withdrawal s/s was noted. He also had history of amphetamine abuse when he was junior high school student with the variable frequency (有朋友來才吸), smoked route, denied withdrawal s/s when abstinence, and the duration was more than one year. Glue sniffing after military service was reported by his brother. After military service he worked as worker for 1-2 years.

Then he took care of mother who had cervical CA, and no job for many years. During this period, social withdrawl and no friends was noted. The first psychiatric visit was in MK92 or MK93 for the problems of irritable mood, AH, delusion of persecution and alcohol dependence. Persistent psychotic s/s was noted, even though no alcohol consumption.



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    追溯他的一生,他生性內向. 未成年時便開始喝啤酒,然嗜酒數量與日俱增,到後來每天都必須喝上一瓶威士比,以致於出現焦慮,失眠,心悸的現象.他多次戒酒失敗,因此造就了一連串酒後肇事的歷史,儘管肝功能異常仍然堅持繼續酗酒. 最後一次喝酒是今天中午.他在國中時期也斷斷續續吸食過安非他命,又抽菸,如此持續超過一年.他的兄弟提及他在服完兵役後還吸食強力膠,同時他當了工人約1至2年的時間. 然後他照顧有子宮頸癌的母親,所以多年沒有工作. 在這段期間,他與社會脫節,又沒有朋友. 首例精神病學研討MK92或MK93就是關於焦躁心情所產生的問題,亦即被害妄想症與酒精成癮. 即使沒有酒精作祟,長久的精神病也會成為引發問題.

    Source(s): 自己(有些地方翻得不很完整...)
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