Scar Of Life CD哪裡買?

如題,就是那個唱Bullet With Your Name 的外國團體,能否順便介紹一下?謝謝

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    Bullet With Your Name 一曲收錄在~

    Scar Of Life -What We Reflect 專輯






    傷疤的生活是一種強大的五片槽面向金屬樂隊,強調深度的音樂風格和感情上收費的意義,它的歌詞。 This quintet hails from South Florida, and is currently taking on the music scene by storm, propelling its music to new heights daily.這五重奏,來自佛羅里達州南部,目前正以對音樂的現場風暴,推進其音樂邁上新的台階日報。

    In the new millennium, Scars of Life was created after the disbanding of "Confined", a well-known metal act from Ft.在新的千年裡,疤痕的生活創造了後解散"禁錮" ,這是一個著名的金屬行為,從英尺。 Lauderdale, Florida.岱堡,佛羅里達州。

    Confined was made up of Kyle Shapiro on bass and vocals, Anthony Parrinello on Guitar and Vocals, Joe Raio on Guitar, and Jason Rodman on drums.限於當時成立的kyle夏皮羅對低音和人聲,安東尼parrinello對吉他和聲樂,喬raio對吉他,和賈森羅德曼就鼓。

    Being that Confined was based around a death-metal theme, the four members wanted to try something different.被認為只限於是根據周圍的死亡金屬主題,四名成員想要嘗試不同的。 When their first song was written under this new sound, they knew right away they had something special.當他們的第一首歌寫的這個新的聲音,他們都知道正確的距離,他們已經相當特別。 The band was also rearranged in such that Kyle was no longer playing bass, but had switched to vocals full time.樂隊也重新安排,在這種kyle不再玩低音,但已改用聲樂全職。

    This created the need for a new bass player, and Al Torres was in the right place at the right time.這創造了需要一個新的低音播放器,和基地托雷斯是在正確的位置,在適當的時候。 Now with the lineup complete, the new group began a six-month songwriting phase.現在陣容完整的,新的集團,開始了為期6個月的寫歌階段。 For each new song, their style developed, taking on a new shape.為每一個新的歌曲,他們的作風,以一個新的形狀。

    One common theme emerged throughout this phase, they began to focus on making music that had more emotion and groove.一個共同的主題,全國各地出現了這一階段後,他們開始著眼於製作音樂了更多的激情和溝槽。 The addition of having strong clean vocals as well as aggressive vocals was something that has become a signature sound for the group.加上擁有堅強的乾淨嗓音以及咄咄逼人的嗓音是這一組織已成為一個健全的簽名為集團。

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    By the end of 2000, the group, still with no name, entered the studio with the locally famous Jeremy Staska of Studio 13 to record their new material.到2000年末,該集團仍沒有名字,進入工作室,與當地著名的傑里米斯塔斯卡的工作室13 ,以記錄新的材料。

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    Three weeks and eight songs later, the finished product was in their hands. 3個星期和8首歌曲後,成品是在他們手上。

    Shortly after they recorded, bassist Al Torres began to show interest in pursuing his own projects, and decided to leave the group.之後不久,他們錄製的, bassist基地托雷斯已開始顯示出興趣搞自己的項目,並決定離開該集團。

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    The band's debut disc was honored as the first ever Planet Radio 92.1 CD of the month for March 2002.樂隊的首次圓盤很榮幸地作為有史以來第一次星球電台92.1光盤的月份為2002年3月。 This was a special honor to Scars of Life, for the cd of the month was picked by the fans.這是一個特殊的榮譽傷疤的生活方式,使裁談會的七月份的回升是被球迷。

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    The future is wide open and full of potential for this impressive group, and they will not rest until people everywhere have heard Scars of Life.未來是敞開的,充滿潛力的,這令人印象深刻的集團,他們不會罷休的人都聽到了傷疤的生活方式。


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