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Why do I feel like this after masturbation?

I'm 18 yr old, single & a virgin. Hav been masturbating for last 3-4 yrs. I feel dizzy & weak after masturbating; I feel like sleeping. Why does it happen? Since I don't hav sex I feel masturbation is necessary for me, I just need to do it. What do I do now? plz help!!

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    You are completely normal, that's how all men act after ejaculation.....

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    When ever you have an orgasm, your body receives a dose of a drug that is produced within the body, plus you have just had a good exercise.

    You will feel tired, sleepy and if you had a headache or toothache, the pain will go away for a while!

    Don't worry about it, its normal!

    Go Figure!

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    1) You are in fact "working out" when you are masturbating so it's natural to feel slightly fatigued afterwards.

    2) Usually we tend to breath very hard or hyperventilate during orgasm and that could also make you tired.

    3) After we have an orgasm, endorphins (chemicals) are released in our brains that cause pleasure and euphoria. They also make you tired.

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    It's a good release and relaxing. This is why guys fall asleep after sex.

    Don't know about feeling dizzy. Perhaps all that blood going from your head to your penis. :)

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    What do you do now.........keep doing it.

    Sounds like you know how to please yourself very nicely.

    Like everyone else is is normal to feel sleepy.

    Necessary for you to do it....i think so....i heard guys can really go nutty if they don't masturbate or go beyon that. REALLY!

    I knew a guy that had no sex or did not pleasure himself for over a year and did act really strange at times...a lot of times....

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    Keep it up! It's healthy to ejaculate. It's normal for guys to feel tired and want to sleep after they ***.

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